Olympus 101: Basics


Nov 3, 2019


Hello! I'm Pigochi, a season 2 veteran of Olympus, and if there's one thing that hasn't changed since season 2, it's new players being very confused about what to do. If you are new and reading this, don't worry, we've all been there. There are many factors in an Olympus playthrough to take into account that may seem intimidating due to the many options to choose from, but after taking Olympus 101, that will be nothing to worry about. So, without further ado, let's get right into it.

What Is Olympus?

Olympus is one of the many servers in the greater Manacube Network, with it being Manacube's own image of a 'prison server'. Olympus is categorically defined as an 'OP prison server'. A prison server is a gamemode in which the player will mine in 'mines' to climb the ranks of the server, until the reach the final rank, where they will 'rebirth', starting the journey over again with new abilities or items. However, in an OP prison server, the gear obtained is much more powerful than in a normal prison server, and the capabilities of what the player is able to do is expanded upon, being able to enchant your pickaxe to efficiency 99, or fortune 30.

When you first log into Olympus, you'll be met with the spawn area, as well as a keystone and a pickaxe in your inventory. Feel free to discard the keystone, as everything in it can be accessed using /keystone. Unfortunately, many of the things you will see at spawn, including the various interactable NPCS are not useful for you until later on. To get you started on your journey of endless suffering, input /warp in the chat bar. This will bring up a menu, seen below.


You may ignore the bottom parts, until they are gone over in another lesson. For now, let's focus on the top four options. The first option is 'Spawn', which will teleport you to the spawn area with all of the interactable NPCS. The second option is 'Mines', which will take you to another menu, which we will go over in a minute. The third option is Hades, which teleports you to a zone filled with dangerous monsters and pvp zones when you step out of the spawn area. The last option is Gaia, a late stage teleporter only accessible once you have rebirthed 12 times. For now, click on the 'Mines' menu, and it should bring you to this menu.


While this may look like a picture, all of the little squares are interactable. However, the only square you will be able to interact with is Page 2, which brings you to more squares you can't interact with, and I, the picture with a blonde guy with a bow (as well as VIP and Elite if you have those respective ranks). Once you click on the I picture, you will be brought to a menu asking to pick between 3 mines. Feel free to pick any, it doesn't really matter which one. Once you pick one, you are brought to your very first mine!


This is your first mine of many, feel free to get mining! After a while, input /sell, which will sell everything in your inventory save for your pickaxe. Keep an eye on the /Rankup meter on the table on the right side of your screen, as that tells you how close you are to ranking up by percentage. Once you reach 100%, input /rankup, and you will have climbed one rank. Then, go back to the Mines menu through /warp, and click on the box with the Lady holding some bread. This is the core gameplay loop of Olympus: Mine, Sell, Rankup, Repeat

This marks the end of Olympus Basics, be sure to toon in to Olympus 101: Statistics. Thanks for reading, and have a good day!
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