Olympus Drop Parties


Jun 27, 2019
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Today, I decided I was going to be nice and decided I wanted to drop an eagle bow at spawn - someone ran over and picked it up right before someone else was about to (even though the one person was standing over it first but ping lol) and so I decided to drop a second one that I had. Well, next thing I knew quite a mass of people had formed. Then I remembered I had some old spawners in my pv that I decided to drop, and next thing I knew, @Jushua and I were running a massive drop party, dropping everything from prot 7 gear to spawners to sell wands to ancient sets, and there was a huge turnout. So, Josh and I decided that this is something we were going to continue doing (this was his idea, credit to him) and so now we're going to host drop parties from time to time (no set schedule, we decided that would be too hard). Whenever there's going to be a new drop party, @joshua or I will announce it on this forum post (with the time and date), and we welcome all to join! If you would like to donate to the drop party, do /warp DP and send mail to JustSoDank to let you know you did and what you donated (if you would like credit on the forums). Every drop party, based on what was donated, there will be honorable mentions for players ranging from Donator to the MVP of the "season". Whoever has this spot of MVP will have whatever message they want posted at /warp DP until the next MVP is chosen (from the next drop party). We hope you will consider donating (so we can have better and more frequent parties), and we hope you get something at one of these parties!

ok bye

PS - Special shoutouts for the first drop party to @Jushua (for giving the idea and joining in), IAmVexy to dropping some spawners after realizing they'd gotten quite a lot, and to @Zacbun, who donated the second they found out we were repeating these. aight peace for real now