Finished Parkour Tournament!


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Apr 13, 2018
Parkour Tournament!
Saturday 11th May
2pm EST || 7pm GMT
Not your timezone? Click here!

This Saturday staff are hosting the second Parkour Tournament of the year! Parkour your way through the maps
faster than everybody else and moves on to the next stages. Each stage will be a harder difficulty than the last.
Be in the top three to win a prize!​

The event will be held on the Parkour server. Do /parkour to get there.
The warp to get to the tournament will be announced shortly before the event!

No sign up is needed! Just join the Parkour server and get ready to parkour.

Enderpearls are not allowed.
Speed potions are not allowed.
Jump Potions are not allowed.
/speed is not allowed.
Pegasus Boots are not allowed.
Trying to exploit the tournament maps is not allowed.
You must follow all regular ManaCube rules.
Past bans and mutes may affect your eligibility to win is at staff discretion

1st Place: [Speedy Tag], 1000 Mana and a Staff Head of your choice.
2nd Place: [Speedy Tag] and 500 Mana
3rd Place: [Speedy Tag] and 250 Mana

Good luck to all those taking part!​
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