Finished Parkour Tourney December 2015

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Jul 14, 2014
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Join Us For A Parkour Tournament
Sunday December 27th

7 pm UTC/2 pm EST

Format: We are planning 5 races. There will be prizes for each individual race winner, as well as a first and second place prize for the top two overall finishers.

Race 1: Easy Course, winner gets 100 gems, top 20 move on

Race 2: Easy Course, winner gets 250 gems, (20 race, top ten move on)

Race 3: Medium Course, winner gets 500 gems, (10 race, first four move on)

Race 4: Hard Course, four race, top two move on. Determine 3rd (1000 gems) and 4th place (750 gems)

Race 5: Hard Course, two race. Determine 1st (2000 gems and diamond boots) and 2nd place (1500 gems)

Where: Parkour2. The warp for the tournament will be announced just before the tournament.

When: Sunday December 27th 19:00 UTC

Sign-up: To join the tournament sign up here. You may also be able to join the day of the tournament, but no promises.

Additional Info:

If you are not there for the start of the first race, you may not be able to participate. We recommend arriving on Parkour2 5-10 minutes early.

Chat gets very busy during events. If you spam, use excessive caps, excessive swearing, etc. you will be kicked from the server and disqualified. If a spectator violates chat rules they will be muted for at least the duration of the event.

Please PM me or ask a Parkour Mod in-game if you have any questions about the tournament.
Not open for further replies.