Pvp Suggestions


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Dec 3, 2021
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  1. As most people know, almost every pvper is complaining about the current state of pvp. As being a pvper on survival I have noticed many issues that can be easily fixed with just a few tweaks. First is the shockwave ce. you can be in a sword or axe fight with them, and you get knocked to the other side of pvp which they can either just run or heal to max again. The next issue is Lucille. Before it got nerfed, it might of been a bit overpowered but actually ended pvp fights. Now it takes hours to kill someone in a 1v1, which most the time it will never end. Lucille should be slowness 5, with a 25 second cooldown. This would be balanced and help deal some extra damage. The last thing I have found so far is sword/axes not doing enough damage. If you are using a sword or axe on someone, they will just get shockwaved back and fully regen because of the little damage these weapons do. They need to add more ce's to make these weapons able to actually kill someone with a pvp set. (edited)
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