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/AFK system

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Jun 7, 2018
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I think it would be really good to have a /afk per for some ranks. I tend to afk a lot for my spawners and also because of my timezone people mostly message me when I am afk. I assume that this is probably something most ranked members have experienced before. For a social community like Earth it would be great to have a way of letting people know we are afk and we will be back. I remember seeing something like this years ago on a minecraft server and it was really helpful.

Examples -
/afk - would set a default reply to DMs (ex: {username} is afk)
/afk set message - would set a new default message
/afk [message] - would set your afk message just this one time & set you to afk

Moving or chatting would disable AFK, I wouldnt recommend a return message to chat but maybe a message similar to /me could be posted to chat when a user becomes AFK. Obviously there should also be a cooldown on this command & rules in regards to what you can and cannot set as your AFK message.
Would also be a cool GUI supported system as well.
Would be great to give Elite's or MVP+ as an extra perk.