Replace skywars with bed wars!

Replace SkyWars with a game of BedWars

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Jun 21, 2017
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Hey everyone, I have a suggestion for the ManaCube community brought to you by LilEmilio and I. We think that SkyWars should be taken out of the server and a game of BedWars should be put in. This would create more hype and a bigger crowd for the server causing it to excel. As we all know SkyWars is like a ghost town on this server when anyone attempts to join a game it doesn't work because nobody is on the server. If we replace SkyWars for BedWars it will be more then just empty space. Thank you for your time and I hope you take this idea into consideration.

Jan 15, 2017
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Noone even plays Skywars on mana anymore, the games sometimes actually dont work.
Even if you dont take this into consideration, Fix Skywars, maybe add a few updates.
Manacube is sort of dying, but yet it is growing. Many OG players are leaving. Make a new game to make the server excel as GirlOnFire7412 said.