Selling And Buying Season Vault Acces Items On Aztec

Jul 2, 2020
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Hello, welcome to zio's marketplace
I am selling those sva's :
Green light Saber :5.5 cubit
Magic Sword (i have 2): 3,75 cubit
Magic bow(i have 2) :3,75 cubit
Eagle sword :2 cubit
Sith robes top (i have 3) :2 cubit
Jedi boots (i have 2): 2 cubit
Magic leggings : 5 cubit
I have more svas but i dont really wanna sell em if u want 1 sva in specific lmk :D
I am searching :
Candy Cane bow
Heroic helmet
maple pickaxe
magic chestplate/helmet
if u have any of those lmk how much u want and i ll farm :D (i can offer bal/cubits or trade svas) (if u have any other svas to sell tell me which 1 :D) ziofigopapero#1221
i sell infs and choppers too
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