Suggestion: Increase the Cubit sell limit price of 250 on AH


Jan 20, 2020
With so many SVAs being around on the servers these days and many people trading them, the 250 cubit sell limit is too low for several rare items to be sold.

Im writing this because i had a reapers scythe worth more than 1k cubits on skyblock and selling, but because of the limit im forced to post it on discord and some players that want to buy it, may not have the cubits upfront and they are afraid that once they buy it, i may ghost them and leave them with their cubits.

/trade doesn’t solve the issue of players ghosting them because a player can buy the cubits and if the seller suddenly disappears. He is left hanging without the item.

Thus, a solution is to increase the ah cubit limit so more players can safely list their items and players can bid without fear or having to go to discord and dm. The process would be much smoother for players who trades svas often! Besides if this get implemented more people will buy lots of cubits and the server can earn more money right
( im referring to the guy who offered me but has his concerns and the reason im writing this post in hopes that this gets implented)