Survival Guide - Tips and Tricks to make your life more efficient

Jul 8, 2020
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Alot of new players come on survival not really knowing the best ways to make money or how to be the most efficient on this server so I decided to make a guide to help the newer players. (This guide is mostly how to make the most money, this server isn't a very competitive server so play at your own pace!)

Notes: Press f3 + g to see chunk borders
/p claim (you can only claim once in a party and you will claim 1 chunk at a time)
Don't border claim or border claim any other parties, its against manacube rules
/warp gallery , /warp Exodus , /warp Genesis are great places for mob grinders and great to gets heads and xp
Mcc (Minecraft console client) Great way to afk for farms
Bone axe best grindable item in the game (obtained from slayer 1)
Best way to get mana is from slayer 3 zombie pigman
/gary is a good way to get free items
/vote will give 5 vote crates and 0.05 cubits
You need a certain party level to access certain spawners

1. Making/Joining a party: /p create or /p join

For beginners I would highly recommend creating a party solo and trying to get a feel for the server. Make a couple friends and also try to make money on your own. When making a solo party keep in mind you will start out with very few claims but it will slowly gain more and more claims once you have done certain challenges to rank up. Just type /rankup to see the requirements to rank up and gain party claims, you get some cool prizes the closer you get to rank 10

2. Making your own crop farm

When making a farm you have to keep in mind a couple things. What makes the most money? What gives the most job points? Can I make auto farms?
As a beginner the best farms to make would be wheat, carrot/potato. These crops yield the most amount of money and will give the most profit. These crops can also be harvested with fortune which means you will gain even more money. The farm I would recommend would have to be potato farm since it gives a good amount of money and also the most amount of job points out of the other crops. Jobs points can then later be used to buy magic dust or enchanted books or some cool titles. When it comes to auto farms such as sugarcane, you have to keep in mind that only 20 pistons/ 20 Observers are allowed in 1 chunk (16x16) area. Which means you will be limited to the amount of sugarcane you can produce. The best way to make a auto farm would be with slime blocks because they require 1 piston per 7 - 8 slime blocks

3. Making own Mob farm

Dont waste your money on passive mob farms because they dont yield a good amount of money and are really only used for mob heads. Visit /warp gallery or /warp genesis or /warp exodus for a variety of mob spawners with almost any mob you can think of.

For mob farms it is highly recommended that you make afk farms for money. This will allow you to make passive income, but you will need to stay afk at your grinder for mobs to spawn. You are allowed up to 4 alts per person and your main (5 accounts) so you can have alts afking for you at your farms using a minecraft console client. You can use minecraft console client for your main account and for you alts to afk for your farms. There are many youtube videos on minecraft console clients if you are not familiar with them.

It is highly highly recommended to get your hands on an inf chest or inf+ chest for your grinders. This way you wont need thousands of chests blocking space and you wont have to manually sell your mob drops. Inf chests are basically chests which can sell items inside of it automatically. Inf chests starting with a 5min cooldown and inf+ chests starting with a 2min 30sec cool down. These chests can further be upgraded for a shorter cooldown. These chests can be bought at the manacube store and regular inf chests can be won with ancient keys. These chests sometimes occasionally go on auction as well inf chests ranging from 100 - 300 mill and inf+ chests costing above 1billion

For beginners it is most efficient to start out with creeper farms and later upgrading to iron golem and eventually evoker farms. To make these grinders you will have to note that 64 spawners are allowed per chunk and the spawners stack. The most efficient way to make a grinder is to dedicate 9 chunks to your grinder (3x3 chunks) press f3+g to see the chunk borders to see the different chunks. Placing your first set of spawners in the middle chunk and surrounding it with spawners in the remaining 6 chunks. Note: More inf chests will be required for evoker spawners because they yield 2 books per mob, this means it would only be a good decision to upgrade from iron golems to evoker spawners if you have enough inf chests you keep up with the demand of loot you are yielding. Minimum Recommended amounts of inf chests: 2 inf+'s for iron golems , 2 inf+'s and 2 inf chests for evokers. (This is for 9 stacks of spawners) (Keep in mind all spawners require a certain party level such as 100 for iron golems and 150 for evokers)

Keep in mind inf chests will give you a tax everytime it sells so you will gain less money per chests however it is highly efficient once you cannot keep up with the amount of loot you obtain to sell.

4. Mob heads and /kilton

You may have noticed on the right side of your screen you can obtain something called souls. These souls are obtained from /kilton. You can sell your mob heads to kilton and he will gladly return the favor with some souls. These souls can be used to buy a variety of items but the most important would probably be making your way into slayer 1, 2, 3. These different slayer levels can only be obtained in chronological order which means you need slayer 1 before you can buy slayer 2 etc. The requirements for these slayer levels can be seen on the bottom screen of /kilton

The value of a certain head is not going to be more valuable then another type of head because they serve the same purpose to sell to kilton, which means the best mob to grind for heads would be either chickens cows or pigs. For these mobs you wouldnt need that great of a sword to one shot these animals.

These slayer level are different areas where you can go to grind special items. for example the Bone axe (Best grindable weapon in the game) can be obtained from slayer 1 by killing the wolves in the area. Every mob in these slayer levels only have a 1% chance of dropping a legendary item so it might be a long grind but is worth it in the end.

Some notable items in each slayer level:
Slayer 1: Bone axe, guardian armor;
Slayer 2: Ender wand, shulker boxes, wizard robe peices
Slayer 3: Obsidian armor, Ember wand, Magnetic helmet
Note: All mobs drop mana crystals/beacons (any rare item) for more info there is a villager at every slayer level telling you all the mob drops per mob

5. Party upgrades /p upgrade

Now that you have established yourself on the server and gained enough money you might be looking to upgrade your party. Upgrading your party requires mana which means it costs alot more money to upgrade your party. You can buy mana from other players for around 1 - 3mill per 1k (Price right now 2mill per 1k). But that is very costly as the party upgrades cost alot to be maxed out. The best way to get mana would be grinding the zombie pigman at slayer 3. These pigman are very easy to kill and around 6 - 7 of them try to attack you at once. This means you can kill them faster then the other mobs which gives them a higher chance of dropping common or rare mana crystals.

The best party upgrade to start off with would be mob spawning as it increases the rate your mobs spawn.

Frequent questions asked:

What are cubits? You can get cubits from /vote or buying on manacube store

$1 usd = 1 cubit in game. Which means cubits can be used at the manacube store to buy anything. When buying something from manacube store you can purchase using cubits and real money. Cubits are a good way to gain ranks and certain items for "ingame currency".

Cubits also sell for alot of money on survival right now. you can sell them to certain players for different set prices this can be a good way to boost your money to make your farms faster.

What is mana used for? Mana used for party upgrades and farmer/miner minions

Are minions worth it? As of right now minions are not worth it because you can get more money selling your mana then using the minon

Can I have some money? I sometimes do drop parties so watch out for those! /warp dp

How do I check my achievements? /a

Honorable mentions: Visit /warp waste , /warp dp , /warp dropper -------- /hug superflyguy5121 , /hug twnku :D

Thank you for reading my guide! If you have any questions you can ask any mods that are online they are friendly or msg me /m superflyguy5121. but im usually afk most of the time.

If I missed anything please write it down below.
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Very good and informative post! Thanks for making it. The grind between step 2 and 3 is very large though because mob farms take around 2b to make, but if you grind hard enough you will definitely be able to make it!
Jun 25, 2016
this is so great for new members! would love to see something like this added to the wiki as a general tips guide

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Very informative and detailed guide, I'm sure this is gonna be very helpful for many new players, thanks for making it :)