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Jul 4, 2014
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Reset Information

Release Date: April 21st, 1:00PM EST

Will Reset
  • All worlds
  • Inventories, enderchests and player vaults
  • Stats
  • Currencies
  • Jobs & Quests
  • Slayer title
Won't Reset
  • Reset Vault
  • Perk Treasure Chest Perks
  • Legendary Treasure Chest Perks
  • Titles
  • Kingdom Perks

Reset Vault

The reset vault is a way for you to transfer specific items to Season 4. Anyone can access their own 9 slot vault by typing /vault

Items that are allowed in this vault are:

  • Infinite Sell Wands
  • Legendary Treasure Keys
  • Perk Treasure Keys
  • Rank Upgrade Paper
  • Sparkler Sword (New Years Crate)
  • Party Hat (New Years Crate)
  • New Years Resolution (New Years Crate)
  • Bottle Opener (New Years Crate)
  • Strawberry Cake (Valentines Crate)
  • Valentines Day Card (Valentines Crate)
  • Santa's Sleigh
  • Cupid's Bow
  • Haunted Horse Armor
Your vault will not be immediately accessible in season 4. I will first be reviewing all vaults to make sure nothing that's not supposed to be in there, is in there.

Map Information

Main World: 40,000 x 40,000
End World: 20,000 x 20,000
Nether World 10,000 x 10,000

The generation for the Main world will be 1.12 vanilla. I generated over 30 worlds to find the best one for terrain and biome distribution
We will probably expand the main world after 1.13 is released, for the new aquatic content

Season 3 world will be uploaded to a new upcoming Archive server, where you can view old worlds in spectator mode. This won't be released right away, but within the next 2 weeks.


A lot of you may recognize the new Spawn. It's based off the Season 1 & 2 spawns, completely revamped.

Brand new area for leaderboards, quests, jobs, enchanter, and blacksmith. There's a new Drop Party well, and little details added to make the place feel more alive

Here are some pictures:

Party Perms

You can now manage your party to the extreme, by modifying settings and permissions for all ranks of your party, including allies, guests and enemies.

Type /p perms to access

You can edit the following permissions for the following groups:

  • Enemy
  • Neutral
  • Truce
  • Ally
  • Recruit
  • Member
  • Moderator

  • Build
  • Destroy
  • Frostwalk
  • Door
  • Button
  • Lever
  • Container
  • Invite
  • Kick
  • Items
  • Sethome
  • Withdraw
  • Territory
  • Access
  • Promote
  • Setwarp
  • Warp
  • Ban
  • Disband
  • Fly
You can also now promote people to "Co-Leaders" who will share the same permission in the party as you, except disband.

Party Upgrades

You can upgrade 3 different parts of your party. Growth Speed, Spawn Rate, and EXP Drop Rate

More Party Commands

A common issue past seasons have been people forgetting to set homes or party homes in their claims, resulting in them having to search the world to find it, or start new

With /p showclaims you can now list all chunks that you have claimed. This will also distinguish if these claims are in the End or Nether world as well.

Want a version of /near that only shows your party members? You can now do that with /p near
This will show how close your online party members are to you

With the /p rules command, you can set a list of rules for your party. These don't even have to be rules and can be whatever block of text you want it to be, information, details, etc. Only members of your party can view this. Color codes and formatting supported

Use /p logins to monitor when a member of your party logs in our out

Use /p seechunk to outline the chunk you're in with particles

Use /p showinvites to show pending invites to your party

Use /p inspect to see who broke or placed what in your claims. We've removed /inspect from players in replacement of this. This is a good way to catch insiders

The /p map command now shows a much larger radius. You can hover over claims to see who they belong to, and even claim for your own party FROM /p map!

Herobrine Boss

A new boss has been been found in the depths of the void... Herobrine

Herobrine is a brand new boss with a ton of unique abilities and drops. Herobrine Boss Egg costs $2,500,000 in /shop, and can also be bought from our webstore.

Some of Herobrines abilities:

  • Meteor Strike - Strikes a meteor at a player
  • Meteor Shower - Strikes meteors everywhere
  • Throw - Sends a player flying into the air
  • Minions - Spawns a bunch of allied minions
  • Clone - One of his more dangerous ones, creates up to 6 clones of himself
  • Fireball - Shoots fireballs
  • Freeze - Traps you in an ice cage
  • Slow - Casts extreme slowness on you
  • Fireskull - Shoots fireskulls, stronger than fireballs
  • Teleport - Teleports behind you
  • Invisibility - Turns invisible
  • Enraged State - More powerful, uses more skills, lightning. Looks different
  • Undead State - Goes into a state of fleeing, and doing anything to survive. Looks different

Type /herobrine in-game to warp to his lair.


When Herobrine is slain, the person who summoned the egg will be able to loot the reward chest at the back

Inside Herobrines treasure chest, there will always be 3 rewards, randomly selected from the loot table

Loot Table

Common Rewards (50% Chance)
  • Medium Money Pouch
  • Large Money Pouch
  • AntiGravity Enchantment Book
  • Inquisitive Enchantment Book
  • Elytra
  • 64 Hoppers
  • 25,000 EXP Bottle
Rare Rewards (30% Chance)
  • Ancient Key
  • Herobrine's Head
  • Villager Spawner
  • Zombie Pigman Spawner
  • 2 Angel Dust (+35%)
  • 3 Grand Scramblers
  • 35,000 EXP Bottle
Legendary Rewards (10% Chance)
  • Legendary Pickaxe
  • Legendary Key
  • Rank Upgrade Paper
  • Herobrine Title
  • Iron Golem Spawner
  • Huge Money Pouch

For more information go to

Zulrah Loot Table & Boss Changes

Some fixes for the Boss world will be in season 4, including:
  • God mode disabled
  • Vanish disabled
  • /Heal disabled
  • /Speed disabled
  • Disguises disabled
These changes will also auto apply when you enter the world.

New Zulrah Loot Table

It's been buffed. You will always receive 3 random rewards from this table

Common Rewards (50% Chance)
  • Medium Money Pouch
  • Large Money Pouch
  • IceForged Enchantment Book
  • Experienced Enchantment Book
  • Elytra
  • 48 Diamond Blocks
  • 25,000 EXP Bottle
Rare Rewards (30% Chance)
  • Ancient Key
  • Dragon Egg
  • Bedrock
  • Blaze Spawner
  • Enderman Spawner
  • 2 Angel Dust (+35%)
  • White Protection Scroll
  • 35,000 EXP Bottle
Legendary Rewards (10% Chance)
  • Legendary Sword
  • Legendary Key
  • Zulrah Title
  • Rank Upgrade Paper
  • Iron Golem Spawner
  • Huge Money Pouch

Shop Revamp

In season 3, the server /shop had so many items, almost every item in the game. This took a lot away from the survival experience that we wanted to bring back.

Some categories have been removed in the new shop, the main one being blocks category removed, and also food.

Here are the new categories and items

Sell prices for farming produce have been buffed a bit.

Drop Party Room

We now have a dedicated place for drop parties! You can get to it by jumping in the well at the center of spawn, or by using a warp

Expect some more parties this season!


Over 60 achievements can be unlocked. There's no rewards for achievements, but we will be selling a title to those who have all of them unlocked.

View your achievement progress with /a or /achievements

We don't have the title ready yet, if you have any suggestions on what it should be please tell us

Quests have returned

We've fixed the problems with quests, and they are once again available. All broken rewards have been fixed, and the rewards are the same as last season. (Except Hunter 5 gives polar bear disguise instead of hunter 4 giving guardian)

Quests are essential to complete if you want to buy custom enchantment books or iron golem spawners

Type /q or /quests to access, or even visit the quest NPC at spawn.

[$] Money Tags

A styled [$] tag will appear beside your prefix based on how much money you currently have.

There are 5 different styles, unlocked @ $1m, $2.5m, $5m, $10m and $25m
Your tag style will be downgraded or removed if you below the minimum requirement

I may adapt the requirements for the titles to how the economy plays out this season.

Kingdoms Revamp

I've removed the Iron & Gold Kingdom, and have added Wheat, Coal, and Gold Kingdoms

If you have unlocked perks for Gold/Iron Kingdoms, they have been converted to Coal & Gold perks

Instead of the old Level 1 - Level 2 upgrade system, you can now buy workers for each kingdom. Wheat Farmers, Coal Miners, & Gold Diggers

You can buy up to 7 workers for each kingdom. Each worker will produce the same amount of resources, and can be claimed every 24 hours.

Before you buy workers, you have to unlock the kingdom first. Each Kingdom costs money to initially unlock, and has a specific requirement

You can only buy 3 Coal and Gold workers as default. You will need to purchase the Kingdoms perk from the webstore to buy 7.

If you have the iron or gold perk from last season, these have automatically been converted so you have nothing to worry about.

Donator Perk Update

I have released kits for the VIP and VIP+ rank. Type /previewkit in-game to see them

The new max amount of custom enchantments you can put on one item is 2.

If you have a rank, this limit changes to:
VIP: 3
VIP+: 4
MVP: 5
MVP+: 6

Season 3 World Download - Archive Server

The season 3 world is over 50GB, I don't think anyone wants to download that.

Instead we are creating an "Archive" server, where you will be able to teleport and view all old maps of any server in spectator mode. Your playerdata will be saved, so you can still use your /homes and /p homes to teleport to your bases.

This is not a playable server, you can only be in spectator mode. Expect this update in the next 2 weeks.

PvP Arena

Brought back the PvP arena! This is in a world where pvp is auto enabled, and things like vanish, godmode, disguises and speed are auto disabled. Go to /warp pvp to visit it.

Keep inventory is enabled in the arena, so you don't have to worry about losing items. You will lose XP on death however.

If the community wants it, i'll release an arena with keep inventory disabled, or maybe a duel arena system.

Champion Crates

We will be reviewing and judging submissions for the 3 categories (Efficiency, Creativity, Nice Looking) tonight.

If you don't know what this is, check this post out:

The winner of each category will get 1 Gold Champion crate to the party owner, and 3 Silver Champion crates to give to any 3 members of their party

Gold Champion Crate
  • Sell Wand
  • Gold Star behind party name in chat (Will also show their achievement details when hovering username)
  • Herobrine Boss Egg
  • 3 Ancient Keys
  • +50 Party Power
  • On the season 3 champion leaderboard @ /warp lead
  • Blue Chat Color

Silver Champion Crate
  • Enchantment Bundle (Dust, Scrolls, XP Bottles)
  • Silver Star behind party name in chat
  • 2 Ancient Keys

More Updates

  • 150 new scrambler words added
  • Iron Golem spawners have been removed from the webstore
  • Ancient Chest has been balance buffed (better odds)
  • Treasure chests have much cleaner broadcast messages
  • /realname no longer works on Heads
  • You now have to actually slay Zulrah in order to get the Slayer title, not just spawn him
  • Special mob types like zombie horse, shulkers etc. have been disabled in /spawnmob. You can type /spawnmob to see a full list of mobs you are allowed to spawn.
  • Lightning enchantment removed
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • A message will appear above your toolbar when you enter new party territory (Will show party name)
  • Enderchest upgrades have been removed. Too many issues with them last season
  • /Keystone GUI system added
  • Tutorial released (Similar to olympus) You can do it with /tutorial, or clicking the NPC at spawn.
  • /wild has a much longer cooldown when used in the nether or end world
  • Slight changes to MVP kit
  • New physical party top leaderboard @ /warp lead

Spawnmob Abusers

There was an exploit involving spawnmob command. We became aware of this exploit yesterday, and have caught 17 people abusing this in the past 60 days.

Those 17 people know who they are and what the exploit was. Instead of banning, which is the regular punishment for this offense, I've decided I will be suspending all 17 of those peoples /spawnmob perk for 45 days.

After 45 days (June 5th) you may appeal to get this perk back. If you have broken rules in this time period, you will not get the perk back.

Our terms of service you agreed to gives me the right to do this

If you don't agree with this punishment you can have a 45 day ban instead


Season 4, April 21st, 1:00PM EST.
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Aug 15, 2016
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Omy god, this is beautiful! Amazing work, Dacon ;) and hyped for SS4! Best of luck to all c: and time to see who wins the Champion stuff...
Mar 18, 2017
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Jeepers creepers that's a whole lot of Awesome! Nice work you've put into this post Dacon :D I'm glad to see some of the new updates/changes and I hope this season will be amazing. I'm hyped, just don't know if I'll be ingame at 5am to see reset happen :p (But then again it's 4:53am now) Either way, fabulous work to Dacon and all those involved in the making of ss4. I can't wait for its arrival <3


Dec 17, 2014
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WOW that is a lot of new stuff i cant wait
Mar 31, 2017
This is SOOO exciting! I'm so excited to use all of the new features, but I'd say the one I'm most excited for is the Herobrine boss!
Oct 1, 2017
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I'm excited to come back for like 10 mins to find Hoe HQ and Hoe Island on the archive server! Will be nice to see old memories that were unfinished.
Mar 31, 2017
@Dacon can you please add the nether stuff in /shop? It feels so bland in that shop and tbh it drives me crazy.. I'm so used to the block shop that was in ss3 that I can't even look in the new block shop without going crazy.. Please add more blocks <3

P.S. If you don't add the nether stuff, can you just get rid of the block shop? It's more fun getting materials on your own.


Feb 3, 2018
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Oh wow, lots of new stuff for survival players. Gl all on the competition! I don't play survival and now I wish I did


Feb 3, 2018
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Feb 11, 2018
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its all in the shits now