Too Far + Safe Space


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Sep 6, 2020
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I'm posting this in all realms by the way.

These are all suggestions, staff does not need to take this seriously if they do not want to.

I'm making this thread because I wanted to both create a safe space for people to talk about the issues going on with worldly matters (specifically the Ukraine and Russia conflict), but I also wanted to talk about how this new sensitivity should bring further aspects to the modding radar.

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I don't like to make examples of people, so sorry. But this is a perfect example of a chat message that may bring further sadness to those who may be in these situations, because I'm almost certain we have people online from those countries. I myself am not from these countries, but this still made me wildly uncomfortable along with many others on our server (parkour).

Just in case, I am also making this thread, like I said earlier, for those who feel the need to vent about these situations, as well as gain support from others, because we build our peers up, instead of bringing them down.

With these added conflicts come more sensitive topics, I feel like chat moderators should be looking for these types of comments as well as the regular hate speech, spam, etc. I feel that this is pretty self explanatory, but still needed to be said.

Chat moderators and moderators in general do not need to listen to these remarks/tips. But I think that we can all agree that these types of comments should at the least be shunned upon.

Everyone, please stay safe, and have a blessed day :)