May 22, 2020
Username: FinnaClapped
Map Name: UnderTheSea
Warp: /plot visit finnaclapped
Difficulty: Hard
Number of Jumps: Around 110
Map made by FinnaClapped and OfficialSaintzz
Apr 1, 2020
10 1
Hey FinnaClapped! I'm here to give you my opinion on your map! Please note that this is my opinion and has no affect of the final decision!

1-Originality || As far as I know, there is a hard map with this same build. The guardian. A map with the same idea lowers your chances of the map being accepted. Before making a map, you should check if it has been used. I don't have the link but if the judge gives it to you I would look at it for the next map you make.

2-Build || The build is decent. If I was looking at it I could tell exactly what it is. So nice job with that. But it looks like you used the same block. You should add variety! Make it look interesting!

3-Parkour || Okay so I've been unable to play the past few days but from the pictures, it looks like your parkour has little to no variety. You could change that up by adding jumps like heads, slime, water, brewing stands, enchantment tables, and more! Spice it up a lil ya know? Also 110 jumps is wayyyy too much for a hard map. You should shoot for about 65-85 jumps in a hard map. For an expert, you should have about 100 jumps so I mean I think 110 is fine. But that's just me. Also the parkour is very "floaty" You could change that by attaching the jumps to the build.

All in all nice job making this map! This was not to hurt your feelings! Just a heads up! Good luck!