VileChamps Grinder Usage = Free?

Sep 21, 2016
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Hey guys, this is the PolarisStar, one of the faction VileChamps leaders. I just wanted to let ya'll know that if you need a good grinder that you don't have, see me in-game and tell me that you want to use our grinder. It is Cave Spiders, and it contains roughly 17 spawners (constant flow so there aren't any pauses in grinding).

Just some other notifications:

This grinder is free of charge, so you will not be charged to use it.
There are hoppers but you will still be picking up a decent amount of mob drops.
There is no warp to this area, so you will have to see me in-game at certain times.
We cannot guarantee that you will not ever take damage from the cave spiders. (There seems to be an issue that when you leave a chunk that contains spawner-spawned mobs such as cave spiders, they will be aggressive and will attack you.)
1 Spider Eye sells for $50 in the brewing section of the /shop.
x16 string sells for $20 (I think?) so string might not be the best way to earn money fast.
Scattering Spider eyes in your inventory can block out any string that you might not want to pick up, therefore scavenging and trying to pick up spider eyes can be easier.

Just wanted to tell you all of this stuff, so see you in game!