Vocalizing the neglect, and how it can be fixed (UPDATED)


Jul 26, 2022

First off I'd like to say thank you to the Manacube community and staff team for creating a fun and nearly flawless sever to enjoy. However, I think that the factions game mode has been neglected these past few maps due to factions for the most part being a dead game mode, which I think is mainly because the addition of Irl cash payouts. I think it was a good choice to switch to the cubit economy fully and get rid of cash payouts all together. While it did practically kill factions on manacube player count wise, the true mana players stuck around.


One thing that I think could be done to help the game mode out is having more active staff on factions, very rarely do I see a staff member on factions and if so, they usually come on to fix a specific problem and hop off moments later. Having active staff will create a better connection between the players and the staff team as well as create a more welcoming community for players to join and be a part of.

Another thing I'd like to touch on is the economy on factions, there is really no competition during grace period because the economy is 95% percent passive farming, which makes it feel a lot like Skyblock. the only competitive eco is outpost which doesn't feel very rewarding, so there are usually only 1-2 factions going for outpost the whole map. I think some ways to improve this would be to buff outpost rewards (maybe 1.5x spawner booster/exp booster) as well as a cash reward at incremented times (10-20-30 minutes) you could also buff ghast tear sell prices to make outpost for valuable for factions.

I was going to list this below, but I thought it needed its own paragraph. I think I speak for the majority of the faction community when I say that we need a better cannoning jar. It is hard to find cannons nowadays that work on mana and when you do, they are usually old school cannons that need a crazy amount of tnt (which is not very complimentary to the fact that the tnt drop rate on creepers is so low), I know so many players that won't play mana simply because the cannoning jar. The most popular and "best" cannoning nowadays is wine and it goes for about $200 USD. (Note: I think I've seen 1 maybe 2 counter cannons that didn't blow when shot in the past 5 maps I've played.)

Here are some other ideas and minor changes I have:

➼ Nerf diminisher damage or add more valuable rewards/ remove less valuable rewards (ce books, blaze spawners, enderman spawners)

➼ Add a gen bucket command like /gb /gen

➼ Reduce teleport times (mainly f warps)

➼ Make Koths more frequent (every few hours vs every 40 hours)

➼ This one goes for the more competitive players, increase damage. The damage now is part of what gives this realm that "Skyblock" feeling that a lot of players don't like, increasing damage will make fights fairer and actually based on skill.

➼ Add a ce that increases damage with each consecutive hit, could be called "Combo" "Insane" "Motivation", I think it should be a legendary/heroic enchant. Not sure if you have all custom plugins but there is so many custom enchant packs on mcmarket.

➼Add bosses you can spawn in warzone, possible rewards could be armor, keys (boss key?), money.

➼ Add events specifically to factions like FFA, One in the quiver, Parkour, etc.

➼ FIX POTS, there is quite a delay on health pots when you throw them

➼ Add a raiding outpost that factions can cap and hold for rewards, almost every faction server nowadays has a raiding outpost and it gives factions a something else to do besides grinding heads or cane.

Thank you, BTB
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