02 Jul
June 2024

| June Updates
➥ Disney Crate
➥ Pride Bundle
➥ Survival QA Beta
➥ Spring Festival Closure
➥ 1.21 Support
➥ 45 other updates & bug fixes, view at or in Discord #updates channel

| Leaderboard Update

Monthly leaderboards have been updated on most realms, and there is a new payout structure starting July. Parkour & KitPvP will now also receive cubit payouts!

Rankings on a category leaderboard now give points towards on a payout leaderboard. The top 10 players with the most points at the end of the month will receive a Cubit payout. The top 3 players in a category will also receive a type of a trophy.

There is also now a new teams section, which combines the stats of the whole team (Party, Island etc.)
Team leaders will also receive a cubit payout for ranking in top 6.

Leaderboards: Money Earned, Harvests, Mob Kills, Event Score, ManaMonster Kills, Tasks Completed, Fish Caught
Total Cubit Payout: 395 - 575
(Islands & Earth team leaderboard...
22 Jun
Disney Crate

The Disney Crate is now available to purchase on the store and the in-game Cubit Shop!

This is a limited time crate lasting 4 weeks!
All unique rewards are SVA access, meaning they can be carried across resets using the Season Vault

Rewards Include:
Frying Pan
(Throw the Frying Pan to stun enemies)
Mary Poppins' Umbrella
(Open the Umbrella to receive Regeneration, attack damage is greatly decreased when active)
Genie Lamp
(Rub the Lamp to receive a random McMMO XP buff, chance for a debuff once the buff is over)
Felixs' Hammer
(Radius damage on hit, click to build a wall)
Heart of Te-Fiti Pendant
(Scramble Immunity, Speed 3)
Mermaid Tail
(Inflict drown damage on hit, Speed 2 & Regen 1 in water)
Snake Staff
(Shoots Fireballs)
Glass Slipper
(Inflict Infatuation when hit)
Dumbo Pet
Mickey Mouse Ears Cosmetic
Minnie Mouse Ears Cosmetic
Stitch Plush Cosmetic
Pacsal Shoulder Pet Cosmetic
Donald Duck Beak Cosmetic
Cruella's Hair Cosmetic
Disney Chat Color
Disney Pin
Mickey Title
Minnie Title...
18 Jun
Survival Season 9 - Part 1

Survival will have 2 Betas since there is a lot to test, and we are still developing Tangleroot + 1.21 upgrade

Beta #1 - June 19th
Available to: QA Team & Staff
Testing: Everything except 1.21 and Tangleroot

Beta #2 - July 13th
Available to: QA Team & Elite ranks towards the end
Testing: Tangleroot & 1.21 Upgrade

With this timeline, the release date should be sometime during the 2nd week of July
A second announcement revealing the Tangleroot update will be made with Beta #2 release

New Spawn
Brand new spawn build. Improved layout with more buildings and new banners

Version Upgrade
Upgraded to version 1.21 (Beta #1 will be in version 1.20)

Party Update
  • New party GUIs to match Skyblock
  • New settings added like local time & weather, guest limits, notifications
  • New party warps browser & filter
  • Party Banners
    A customizable banner for your party, used for leaderboards, browser & default shields.
    A main party banner can be placed to give upgradeable AOE buffs to the surrounding chunks

A new champion hall building has been constructed in Spawn to view leaderboards...
02 Jun
May 2024

| May Updates
Anime Crate & Shiny Keys
Fungo Task Update
➥ 42 other updates & bug fixes, view at or in Discord #updates channel

| Survival Season 9 Update

Unfortunately Survival Season 9 is being delayed again, however it is for the betterment of the update

We were aiming to release next week, but with Minecraft 1.21 around the corner (June 13th), we've decided that Survival must release on this version, which will take at least 2 weeks.

Upgrading to 1.21 also gives us more time to work on the actual update, which is the biggest we've ever done. Survival updates are significant on their own, but on top of that we're taking the Tangleroot world revamp to an extreme level. Tangleroot will also be releasing on Skyblock & Islands shortly after.

Revised Schedule

QA Beta #1 | June 8th
Testing & balancing...

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