16 Apr
Spring Festival 2024
ManaCube's 2nd annual Spring Festival has arrived!
Use the portal at Hub or type /festival to join


This year has all new activities, events & rewards to unlock! Doors remain open until June 24, 2024.​

These minigame events take place at scheduled times throughout the day. A network-wide alert is sent one time before one is about to start. You will receive emeralds for participating even if you do not win. If someone breaks rules or afk farms the events they will be locked out of joining them.

Join 1 of 4 teams and protect your Mooblooms from being converted. Hit enemy Mooblooms 3 times to convert them to your team color. Team with the most mooblooms at the end of the game wins!
There is knockback applied to everything, and non-lethal PVP

The winning team members and the top 3 players with the most conversions receive an emerald payout

Put your pixel painting skills to the test. Joining this event will give you your own easel and paints. Copy the huge event canvas art as fast as you can. Whoever finishes first wins the event! The event will remain open...
02 Apr
March 2024

| March Updates
Islands Season 7
Pirate Crate
➥ In-Game Polls
➥ 42 other updates, view at or in Discord #updates channel

| April Release Plans
➥ Spring Festival
➥ Survival S9 Beta
➥ New leaderboard & payout system for all realms
➥ Lots of necessary backend work

@MarcusPaul - Skyblock
@Nikkobee - Olympus
@PretzelAngel - Skyblock (2nd Realm)

Congratulations to @SkyDieGame @Valgari @Hallowqueen on being March's Staff of the Month!

$50 to all SOTMs |...
30 Mar
Fools Crate

The Fools Crate is now available to purchase on the store and the in-game Cubit Shop!

This is a limited time crate lasting 4 weeks!
All unique rewards are SVA access, meaning they can be carried across resets using the
Season Vault

Rewards Include:
Fools Bundle
Glitched Blade & Pepe Pin

(Force your enemy to look at the floor)
Uno Reverse Card
(Deflects incoming effect to your enemy)
Chicken Helmet
(Lay Eggs, spawn Chickens)
Ban Hammer
(3 200% Charged Attacks)
Rubber Chicken
(High Knockback, plays a sound when used)
Rocket Boots
(Elytra Gliding, Jump Boost 5)
Rickroll Disc
(Troll your friends with the greatest hit of all time!)
Balloon Sword
(Bounce into the air)
Stickbug Pet
Novelty Disguise Cosmetic
Pet Rock Cosmetic
Jack in the Box Cosmetic
Propeller Hat Cosmetic
Clown Mask Cosmetic
Fools Chat Color
Gigachad Pin
Kek Dog Pin
Mike Pin
Moai Pin
Nerd Pin
Trollface Pin
PrAnKsTeR Title
Gigachad Title
Glitched Title
Banned Title...
19 Mar
Islands Season 7

Release Date: March 23rd @ 2:00PM EST
! Make sure you vault your SVA items before this time !

Latest Minecraft version (1.20.4) with latest ManaCube features
  • Wolfhaven Revamp
  • Fungo Speedrun Tasks & Shop
  • Adamant Forge
  • Great Wolf & Mana Golem Boss
  • Minion Revamp
  • Task Board added
  • New Leaderboard System
  • Item Enhancer
  • Islands are now in their own private world
  • New island settings & features
  • New Season Challenges
  • Shop Updates
  • McMMO Improvements (Copied from skyblock)

Welcome to Pirate's Bay, the bustling heart of our pirate-themed gamemode Islands! We are bringing back this theme like the realm originally had. Pirate Bay is the spawn and primary port

Great Skull
Inside the skull is where you spawn. There is a teleport portal, shops, forge, Kilton, and various NPCs.

Enchanted Forest
To the left of the skull is an enchanted forest, where you can find the Mana Pond & Enchanter NPC.

The Port
Outside the skull is the main Port. Place your boat in the water to set...

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