03 Jun
Retro Crate

The Retro Crate is now available to purchase on the store and the in-game Cubit Shop!

This is a limited time crate lasting 30 days!
All unique rewards are SVA access, meaning they can be carried across resets using the
Season Vault

Rewards Include:
Pacman Bundle
(Pacman Axe, Pacman Pin, Dead Ghost Pin)
Fire Flower
(Shoots Fireballs)
Scorpion Spear
(Pulls your enemy towards you)
Mining Skill Cape
(Chance to receive double ores, Mining McMMO boost)
Sonic Boots
(5 second Speed boost!)
Pong Shield
(Chance to deflect all damage)
(Increased Critical hit chance)
Mario Kart Mount
(Ride around in your own Mario Kart)
Retro Furniture
(Gamecube, NES, Lucky Block, Retro TV, Concrete Donkey, Arcade Machine)
Space Invader Pet
Gameboy Cosmetic
Spyro Wings Cosmetic
Tails' Tails Cosmetic
Party Hat Cosmetic
Chun-Li Pigtails Cosmetic
Purple Chat Color
Scorpion Title
Gameboy Title
Spyro Title
Fatality Title
FIGHT Join Message
Ran out...
01 Jun
MAY 2023



Wild Crate Release
Factions Beta Launch
➥ Parkour Gamemode Update Poll
➥ 1 Parkour Map Added (1,807 total)
➥ Elite Community Title #11 Chosen: <3_<3
➥ Many bug fixes and updates can be viewed at or in Discord #updates channel


@PretzelAngel - Olympus

24 May
Factions | A New Beginning

Beta Information:
Release Day: Sunday, May 28th @ 1:00PM EDT
Available To: Everyone
Duration: 1-2 Months (See leaderboard section for beta period rewards)
A lot of love has been put into this revamp, and while there may initially be many bugs and balancing issues.. we hope we can shape this game with the community into something really fun and new that revives the original essence of Factions.​
We're going to use Discord Forums for discussion and feedback during the beta, and also to run polls.​

Vast Worlds
You can claim land for your faction in the Overworld (75 x 75k) & Nether (25k x 25k)​
The End is 10k x 10k (End world resets weekly, and cannot be claimed). All worlds are naturally generated.​
We plan to double these world sizes after the beta period.​

New Mechanics
The meta is completely different on 1.19, with so many new features...​
Hey everyone

This is a crucial poll regarding our beloved Parkour server. The team has been discussing the next parkour update, and if we should pursue updating to 1.20, or remain on 1.8. The update is still many months out, but we need to poll this now

Below are some key differences that would affect Parkour:

1.20 Pros
  • More Freedom & Creativity: 10+ years of minecraft content would become available (blocks, items, mechanics, resourcepack etc.)
  • Better Cosmetics/Crates (= more funding = more updates)
  • New types of Parkour (New jump mechanics, elytras, etc.)
  • Latest Version would no longer be buggy on many of the maps due to hitbox sizes
  • Global Updates: Parkour can be included in global modern version updates like Festivals
  • New Player Friendly: Lets face it, most new players aren't going to switch to 1.8

However there is a significant hurdle that comes with upgrading to 1.20

1.20 Cons
  • Broken...

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