23 Jul
Survival Season 7

Hello everyone,
We will be releasing Survival Season 7 on Monday , July 26th 2PM EST. This season, as you know, Kingdom Survival & Mana Survival will be merging together. The biggest part of this reset is our brand new Cube system, which allows us to divide the backend into 9 servers rather than one (you will not notice any differences in-game apart from HUGE performance improvements). There is various new features, bug fixes, and economy re-balancing. We are also updating from 1.15 to 1.16! You can read about everything that is new below.

➥ Party Updates
Flight & Build Permissions
You can now toggle flight on your claims as well as enable/disable building permissions for any of the roles. Use /p perms for more information in-game.
Per-chunk Access
You can now trust players on a per-chunk basis instead of granting access to all of the party's chunks. This new role is called "Trustee" and any player with this role will only be able to build in the chunks they are trusted in. They will not be able to perform actions such...
11 Jul
Skyblock Season X

Like + Comment to enter 100 cubit giveaway (10 winners)
Giveaway ends July 17th. You will be contacted via youtube DMs, no need to include username

Hello everyone,

Skyblock Season 10 will be releasing this Friday (July 16 at 2:00PM EST)
We are extremely excited for this season. It will be a merge of ManaCube Aztec & Oasis realms, as well as MineVille's Water & Fire.
Apart from all the technical backend changes that has allowed us to not have a player count cap, there are also a lot of new features and content that we cannot wait to show you.

The Worlds

3 new expansive worlds have been introduced this season. Each with their own unique monsters and valuable resources. Every monster has a unique loot table, and the harvestable resources give valuable rewards and Mana!. You can find information about the monsters & their loot with the command /worlds or from your Keystone.

07 Jul
The Merge

Hello everyone,
Today we have very exciting news for ManaCube! As most of you know, ManaCube is ran by the company ManaLabs. ManaLabs also runs MineVille, a large Minecraft network established 3 years ago. Both servers are very similar in many ways, as they share the same development team. We have made the decision to merge both networks together; MineVille will merge into ManaCube. We have really big plans for moving forward and this is the best course to take.

There are many advantages to the merge, including
  • Pooling of resources and talent
  • Complete focus of the manalabs team on one network
  • Faster expansion/growth/content
  • Faster bug fixing
  • Advertisements focused on 1 network
  • Admin team instantly increasing to 15
  • Unique gamemodes increasing to 12
More importantly, we have been working on a new backend system that will allow us to hold unlimited players on one realm without lag. This system works by dividing one realm into multiple servers which are all synced together. Instead of holding less than 300 players on one realm (with lag spikes at times). This is one of the major reasons that this merge is now possible.

As of last night we have already put our proxies and hubs on a cloud scaling platform

This merge will open the door to many...
30 Jun
June 2021


The team has been focusing on updating all our software to support a multi-server scaling environment. We are 95% done and will be entering beta testing this week. These changes allow us to not be constrained to a playercount cap, or have the need for multiple realms for 1 game.

This is something we've been wanting to do for years, and decided it's either going to be now or we would have to wait till the end of the year due to reset schedules. Unfortunately this means we were not able to release Skyblock in June, which also puts a delay on Survival too, and other game updates. We have big plans to address this, and these plans will be announced in July.

We've also been upgrading our network and hardware, in preparation for big updates soon. This is the reason behind some downtime, and some weird things happening like cubits being disabled for a few hours etc.

Islands Season 6 will be releasing on July 3rd @ 2:00PM EST!
Islands will not have the scaling tech and will be capped to 250 max players as we want to keep it a small community alternative to...

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