13 Sep
10 Year Anniversary
Wow time flies, doesn’t it? We’ve been on this block game journey for a decade now. From our humble beginnings as MineVast, to the vast network it became. It’s been such an exciting experience with so many memories, thanks to our amazing community.​

To celebrate 10 Years we've released a special event… /Place!​
Place Event
  • Join the event through the new portal in Hub or by typing /place from anywhere
  • Become a pixel artist! Everyone can place down any type of concrete block on an open 256x256 canvas. (We may increase the size during the event)
  • Depending on your rank, enjoy faster place cooldown times between 1-3 minutes
  • Additional blocks can be purchased from the local Cubit Shop
  • Check out the evolving masterpiece at the spawn area, or on our website here
  • Event will be open to all for 1 month
  • A new timelapse of the canvas is rendered every couple minutes and viewable on the website...
01 Sep



Updated Rules and Repercussions
As the sun sets on August, we're thrilled to announce a significant update to our Rules & Repercussions guidelines. The updated page can be found at the following link: ManaCube Network: Official Rules

In this comprehensive update, we have restructured the categories for each punishment, along with their respective punishment pathways. Our primary goal with these changes is to ensure that every member of our community understands the rules and their potential consequences, promoting a fair, safe, and respectful atmosphere for all players.

Here's a summary of the new changes you'll find on the updated ManaCube Rules & Repercussions page:

Revised Categories
We have categorized different types of rule violations to provide clarity and transparency. These categories include, but are not limited to:
  • Chat Offenses (Minor, Moderate, Major, Malicious)...
05 Aug
Sci-Fi Crate

The Sci-Fi Crate is now available to purchase on the store and the in-game Cubit Shop!

This is a limited time crate lasting 30 days!
All unique rewards are SVA access, meaning they can be carried across resets using the
Season Vault

Rewards Include:
Portal Bundle
(Portal Gun & Companion Cube Pin)
Plasma Blaster
(Shoots Plasma Balls)
Energy Sword
(Inflicts Blindness)
Singularity Hammer
(Stun & Launch your enemy)
Photon Barrier
(Spawns a 3x3 Barrier)
Quantum Pickaxe
(Forms a 3x3x10 Trench Tunnel)
Cybernetic Implants
(Strength at low health)
Stellar Flux Staff
Stray Pet
Player One Visor Cosmetic
Hoverboard Cosmetic
Robo Wings Cosmetic
Bender Plush Cosmetic
Spock Ears Cosmetic
Gray Chat Color
Star Trek Pin
Sci-Fi Aura
Cyberpunk Title
Dystopia Title
Simulation Join Message
Dimension Quit Message

(Some rewards are exclusive to 1.16+ realms)

01 Aug
Summer Festival 2023

The Summer Festival world is now open on the following realms!
Survival, Olympus, Skyblock, Earth, Factions, Islands, Parkour

Enter the portal at spawn, or use /warp festival to get there

Parkour Festival:
This is being hosted on a separate server, with account info being synced.
Must use latest version to connect. The Festival Pass feature and some of the rewards are not available on Parkour due to 1.8 version

Head over to the Festival Shop to spend your sea shells! Or type /shellshop
Rewards include:​
  • Summer2023 & Jellyfish Title
  • Crab Shell (Wardrobe)
  • Crab Pet
  • Crab Pin
  • Inflatable Duck (Wardrobe, RGB)
  • Party Speaker & Surfboards Bundle
  • Cooler & Beach Towel Bundle
  • Tiki Torches
  • Crab Rave Status
  • Jellyfish Catcher
  • Ancient Crate Key
  • Crab Claw (SVA Sword)

Jump into the diving hole at the deep sea diving building to start this minigame​

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