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    An (Unfinished) Overhaul to Hades Underworld.

    what does this have to do with anything? this season proves this wrong, no one is gonna go in hades if everyone already done all their rebirths and olympus doesnt get new players. overload isnt a problem unless implants gets nerfed. with implants you regain health instantly, literally.
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    An (Unfinished) Overhaul to Hades Underworld.

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    oGal why

    get shit on
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    Should Keep Inventory be on in Hades next season?

    This is a good idea, but no keep inventory. Keep inventory = no risk factor = no fun = no players = no money Think about how much money you'll make from kids wanting to buy lucky sets @Dacon
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    Question Regarding the Unreleased Content on Olympus.

    bosses came out 2 days ago charlie boy
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    Question Regarding the Unreleased Content on Olympus.

    give bosses plz
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    Combat Tag

    make combat tag on olympus work like how they do on survival, as soon as someone dies, the combat tag goes away
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    LPS Spectator option

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    Why do you play olympus on mana?

    oly is shit, i dont wanna play it anymore
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    Drop Protection

    +1 great idea
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    Player Limit in Clans - Olympus

    one man army:cool:
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    who is the cuter top forum poster?

    wooo ssm
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    Make ALL hades loot drop on death

    Make it so EVERY hades lootdrop drop on death, there's really no incentive of killing people when all you get is a stack of potatoes and some ender pearls. Losing boss eggs when dying puts more of a risk factor that hades currently lacks.
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    Atlas Seasonal Vault Item Price Sheet

    up the teddy bear price