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    Losing everything

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    Now it's time to boost Turtle.

    Now it's time to boost Turtle.
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    [ENDED] 30 Cubits Giveaway

    iAmStingRee iAmBungee#3853
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    Why site so slow today

    Yeah my point still stands though. Just sounds like your typical group who attacks a forum for a few hours then gives up when they realize its going nowhere. No one is worried about them.
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    Why site so slow today

    Manacube deals with minor ddos attacks on the forums all the time. No one is worried about whatever the hell a Sub Rosa is :P
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    Remove magic pond challenge from prestige challenges

    Ya Ping said the event time is there it just hasnt been added to the GUI/Timer yet.
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    Remove magic pond challenge from prestige challenges

    Ping's already added one for 9PM EST :) Also while pond is very tough, I don't think they should remove it from prestige requirements. I do feel they should buff the pond / fix the mechanics a bit though. Also keep in mind, its the beginning of the season, so ALOT of players are there right...
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    Change the Survival Mana Pond

    Increase the amount of items that come out. Make the item pattern better. Fix the lag. Make the items fall back down a bit slower. Also side note, ADD A MANAPOND EVENT AT 9PM EST
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    Survival Season 8

    This actually looks really good. Elite rank getting much needed perk changes (+ revamped elite crate) is also very nice.
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    [ENDED] 10 CUBIT GIVEAWAY (New Style)

    iAmBungee iAmBungee#3853
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    Reformation of Chat Filtration

    Filter needs to be reworked definitely to fix words/word strings that register as swear words. For example you cannot say "as soon as" because the filter will detect it as filter bypassing and automatically censor it.
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    Separate monthly key claims

    Yes 100%. Same with gkits being seperate as well. So dumb you can buy them on two or more different gamemodes but only be able to claim them on one gamemode before having to wait.
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    Hex Codes in /nick

    Let's go. we have acquired hex fonts for elite nicknames.
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    congrats, gg.

    congrats, gg.