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    Upcoming Survival Season 7

    This is a poggo boggo
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    Skyblock Season X

    This is a poggers moment
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    The Merge

    WWWWOOOPPPPP WOOOOP I’m very excited thank you to Dacon pizza and the devs *tips hat*
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    Goodbye sunset....

    Pat pat me too
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    Wooo thank you!

    Wooo thank you!
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    What’s your favorite part of skyblock?

    Same tho lmfao
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    What’s your favorite part of skyblock?

    what’s your favorite thing about skyblock? Mine is the small community on oasis that I’ve grown to know pretty well:D
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    Skyblock thoughts and creations

    I started filling in my whole island with blocks cause I got bored And I’m like 2mil blocks. Warp boom on oasis if anyone wants to take a look
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    Skyblock Season 10 Reveal 2/3 Thoughts

    10/10 hopefully on the next announcement they tell us how is level will work:D
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    Skyblock - Second Reveal [2/3]

    It’s nice to se that minions will have a use now instead of feeding them to the void:D
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    New crafting perk

    Ok, I don't know if this is possible but I had the idea to add another crafting perk. Right now there is /craft (/wb) and /block that lets you craft. I had the idea that there can be a perk that lets you craft items without needing to do/craft or have a crafting table. It could be something...
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    Creative Cubit Payouts (Hear me Out)

    This honestly is a really interesting idea it will give incentive to actually play creative and might bring in some traffic.
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    Mining 20k blocks quest and other mining quest

    Howdy, so I have recently found that the mining 20k blocks for /q does work dunno if I’m dumb and never realized or if more people just thought it was broken. The quest just doesn’t count cobble stone on oasis and many blocks on Aztec.
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    Small Bug

    This has been a known issue for awhile now. That part of the quest is broken so it’s sadly impossible to complete.