1. Baylittlebeam

    Bug fix request

    recently most of the players I have asked in the Towny Earth server have said that they can't buy anything from the player shops i am also having this problem (when I click on the sign it doesn't register that I bought the item) please fix this bug when you get the chance -Baylittlebeam
  2. landmot

    lb on aether!

    pls pls pls fix the leaderboard on aether. so many people have been constantly asking:/
  3. Sonic_Raptor

    Can we update the Statistics on the Manacube website

    Skyblock, Islands and Factions have all not worked for ages and I know its a small thing but it would be a fantastic QoL thing to fix! Its not a huge deal but I'd love if it was fixed :) @Dacon (tagged so he sees this) Thanks!