The Next Chapter.


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Apr 24, 2021
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In life, there is a certain saying. All Good Things must come to an end. With that saying I present to you some of the upmost saddest information that could ever strike the forums page. The future of Holy. As we all know this subserver seems to lack support as we watch the server that created some of the most fun memories for us, wither and slowly rot away. I know we have been slaying these noobs for like four years but it comes to get boring fast. All they do is drop in protection 1 and or sit in gank holes. It may or may not just be the Kuqn effect. We are told they drop strong and willingly into combat with svas but seem to dissapear in the sights of holy. so to cooperate with the server and its flourishing community we have decided to retire. I have realized that with so much gaming potential I shouldn't be wasting it on a playerbase full of ego heated morons who compete in hvh scenarios, instead i will be using the powers of my fingers that god gave me for the better. Take this as an awakening, what are you doing behind that screen, on top of that sweat infested chair. Not getting any bitches for sure, we will all move on and come back with probably like 15 hot gamer girls and you will all be jealous of the new people that we have become
-The Koq