What's up, brother!


Mar 30, 2024
My name's Loscut. I'm normally a huge modded minecraft player, but have recently gotten back into the manacube community and it's crazy to see the amount of progress that has been made since I first started playing on here a couple of years ago.

I'll be straight up I'm not the best minecraft player in any way, but I enjoy the game more than I enjoy most others haha.

I'm 23 from the United States and I'm really into music and programming. I'm in the military to get the free college afterwards to study Software Engineering. I completed my 4 years worth of Music Education credits with a vocal concentration, but I didn't do literally any of my core credits (young and dumb and just worried about chasing money). So I teach voice lessons as a side job, so if there's anyone out there that wants some vocal advice, the inital consultation is free!

If you see me in game feel free to say hi, and collect your free KitPVP kill if that's where I'm at cause I'm telling you. I'm bad XD

Anyways, that's the basics of me. Hope to see y'all in game!