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Lucky Update by Dacon



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Parkour Prestiges by Dacon

You can now prestige your rank on Parkour. This will set you back to Noob, and add a prestige icon next to your rank

This is what the prestige looks like:

]requires no score or mana, but you must be the Champion rank.
You can prestige in the rank shop. Or type /prestige for shortcut command

In the future we will be adding exclusive things like perks/hats for example that require a specific prestige.


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February 2018 by Dacon

February Top Voters

4 way tie for first place!

Lxcify: 20 Cubits
Niick_: 20 Cubits
Zoomd: 20 Cubits
RB26Shinigami: 20 Cubits

Congratulations, and thanks to everyone for voting.

Olympus Update

Olympus is making great progress, and I'm expecting to release the beta to the Staff and QA team this weekend. There were some major setbacks this month, but it was for the overall betterment long term.

Staff Changes

IChristianI - Creative Mod+
Aloro - Creative Mod