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Jul 4, 2014
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Release Date: March 23rd @ 2:00PM EST
! Make sure you vault your SVA items before this time !

Latest Minecraft version (1.20.4) with latest ManaCube features
  • Wolfhaven Revamp
  • Fungo Speedrun Tasks & Shop
  • Adamant Forge
  • Great Wolf & Mana Golem Boss
  • Minion Revamp
  • Task Board added
  • New Leaderboard System
  • Item Enhancer
  • Islands are now in their own private world
  • New island settings & features
  • New Season Challenges
  • Shop Updates
  • McMMO Improvements (Copied from skyblock)

Welcome to Pirate's Bay, the bustling heart of our pirate-themed gamemode Islands! We are bringing back this theme like the realm originally had. Pirate Bay is the spawn and primary port

Great Skull
Inside the skull is where you spawn. There is a teleport portal, shops, forge, Kilton, and various NPCs.

Enchanted Forest
To the left of the skull is an enchanted forest, where you can find the Mana Pond & Enchanter NPC.

The Port
Outside the skull is the main Port. Place your boat in the water to set sail and explore the ocean. At the port you can also find Huey's fishing shop & the server leaderboards.

The Ocean is a vast explorable ocean that can be explored in the spawn world. PvP is enabled in the ocean but you will only drop resources & mob drop loot from isles on death. You can see a live 3D website map here

The Isles
All of ManaCubes worlds (Wolfhaven, Tangleroot, Sandara, Morend, Icehaven, Burninglands) are now islands to be discovered!
Light blue water indicates PvP-Free safezones.

There are also mini islands scattered around, these also contain a small amount of resources and mob spawns.

You cannot teleport to isles and instead have to travel by boat. Although all monsters on the isles have a rare teleport scroll drop. These scrolls are consumed on use and teleport you directly to the island is was obtained on.

Mob Spawning Mechanics
We now have a custom mob spawning solution! Mana monsters no longer have set spawn points and instead dynamically spawn around isles in places they should spawn and in a natural looking way. The amount of mobs also increases based on how many players are nearby (This has no effect on vanilla spawning/spawners on player islands)

Pirate Mobs
Throughout the ocean you will encounter Pirate mobs on boats. These are aggressive mobs trying to steal your booty!
Land pirates are also on the beaches of some of the islands like Wolfhaven.
Their loot tables have some new unique items, including
  • Pirate Hat
  • Pirate Cutlass
  • Pirate Crossbow
  • Pirate Hook
  • Treasure Map (Open to receive the coordinates to the location of a treasure a chest)

When 2000 pirates are slain by entire server, the Kraken is awoken...

Treasure Hunter
Throughout the ocean there are 10 sunken treasure chests. The locations of these chests change every hour (There are thousands of possible locations)

You'll need a lot of luck to find these, so the main way is to collect treasure maps dropped from Pirates. These maps, when clicked will write out the coordinates to one of the treasure chests - doing this also consumes the map. It is ok and intended to share this with other players, and treasure hunt as a group.

The chest can be claimed by up to 30 players before it teleports to a different location. Possible rewards include Ancient Keys, Legendary Keys, Legendary Pirate Dagger, and valuable items like fragments, netherite, spawner cores etc.

The Kraken boss lair is north west of Pirate Bay. Can also be teleported to with /warp kraken

The boss spawns like the bosses in wolfhaven, in this case when 2000 pirates are killed.

It has 10,000 health, and primarily stays in the center of the area, using ranged attacks to attack all players in the arena. The ranged attacks are slow enough to be dodge-able in a boat.

Ranged Attack Types
White: Regular Arrow​
Green: Poison + Nausea​
Yellow: Lightning + Breaks boat​
Purple: Teleports you to deepest location below​
Blue: Forms a 5x5 ice block around you​
Black: Blindness​

Unique Abilities
Summons multiple pirates around to defend the Kraken​
Spawns a bunch of whirlpools all over. If you stay in one for more than 1s you sink to bottom of ocean. Also spawns a big whirlpool underneath the boss to target melee attackers.​
Healing Crystals
Summons 6 end crystals in random locations in the sky above the boss. They shoot healing beams that heals the boss non-stop. Everyone must try to destroy these with a bow immediately​

Kraken Loot
Besides typical loot seen in other bosses, the unique drop is Nautilite fragments & ingots. This is a new material type like adamant. Craft 9x nautilite fragments together to create 1 ingot. You can these ingots to craft any armor piece, sword, pickaxe & hoe (Vanilla recipe layout) These items are very powerful (Not SVA)

Nautilite Item Abilities
Full Armor Set: Move 2x faster in the water (Temp disables if taken damage)​
Nautilus Helmet: Permanent Water Breathing​
Nautilus Chestplate: -25% Damage reduction when in ocean​
Nautilus Leggings: +50% More legendary fish​
Nautilus Boots: Permanent Dolphins Grace​
Nautilus Sword: +25% damage when in the ocean​
Nautilus Pickaxe: 10% double mana drop from resources​
Nautilus Shovel: TBD​
Nautilus Hoe: Small use harvester hoe​

  • New fishing mechanic when you have a legendary fish on reel
  • Huey's Fishing Shop updated with new items
  • Certain fish now can only be caught in their natural areas (Ender-themed fish only in the waters around Morend, nether-themed fish around Burninglands)
  • Small chance to catch a treasure chest! Has similar rewards to sunken treasure.
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