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    Rank-up Giveaway!

    Wow i’m excited hopefully I win but good luck to everyone! <3
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    Permission Denied???

    It might take a while to find your friends but you can also use /plot home (player’s name) to get to their plot. And for the scramblers i don’t think it would be fair for your wins to be transferred and not everyone else’s because everything reset for everyone.
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    Creative Revamp Information

    It’s free for everyone now if you want advanced worldedit you have to buy it in the in game shop (/shop)
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    Creative Revamp Information

    From my understanding we will not be able to build in the old plot world but we will be able to travel to it and just look around I might be wrong though.
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    1.14 update

    We won’t be getting the 1.14 blocks and such but we will be getting the 1.13 blocks!
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    Creative Revamp Information

    wow i’m excited!