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  • (づ ᴗ _ᴗ)づ♡ Please give me good stuff [tools/armor] from the Mystery Crate, pweety pweety pweassse!!! 6c converted is around $26 for me
    Happy New Year Manacube <3
    Let's start the year with positivity shinin' and vibin' through and within you, believe and have faith in the universe, make the effort and it'll come; much love to you all !!!
    Apparently in 2019, got myself MVP+ global and forgotten about it. Now, Dec 2022 I got VIP+ global. So now I'm MVP+ in some realms and VIP+ in some.... On top of this I lend cubits to some1 but I don't think I'm getting paid back, saw the person got a key when they could have pay me -DOUBLE BURN - yes iStoopid, I feel it.
    Exchange rate is quite bad right now, holiday season and all. Le prediction showed that after new years it'll get better, let's hope so... When it's better I'll get some cubits ya, Manacube...
    Been trying to connect to Manacube Survival for an hour now and kept getting timed out... very frustrating. And I think someone was trying to give me something too, I could be wrong as I was lagging so much... Hope this is resolved soon [fingers crossed]
    sometimes server does thinks like that or probably your internet connection isnt good enough
    Had a little issue with the Fish Talisman and got it fixed. You all at Manacube staff are awesome! Thank you so much!! [happy happy joy joy ^_^]
    I thought it was the Regen. V that was being used in the ice plunge, but it was the ocarina... bleepidity bleepin dringngaling oca-tootin-rina; pansies... i was wondering what was that sound, and I remembered a player scolded another player for playing it in the plunge too x)
    At around 330am my time; Lafia & Doobe had a party with Gilly, Alyssa, Kountry and Pipe, rocking to Queen and jiggy with Ricky Martin and more. Such fun these guys <3 [Doobe is perm muted; didn't stop him dancing away on icey Winter festival grounds, jolly happy fun] Slime mount is speedy cray cray on ice :D Thank you for the fun y'all <3 I had a snack and passed out after ^_^
    Met the lovely Qanny today, so generous!! Thank you dear for the sva <3 like forreals I so poor real life. May the universe surrounds you with goodness!! Also hangout at Vuou's castle (so amazing, I'm still in awe!!) and at the modern mansion. One of the best builder I've met!! Hope Vuou finishes the castle ^_^ Another wonderful day @ManaCube <3
    Everyday I plunged into the ice and suffer. Got to #1 [Plunge Top Total Scores] just to get kicked and shoved by others with sva Regen V, what!!??!! no fair...
    While afk at /warp nasa [survival] today, someone dropped 2 Holy scrolls in my inv. And I've been wanting these scrolls too. I'm so grateful for them. Thank you mystery player<3, may the universe reward you for your kindness <3
    So wonderful the Christmas festival event!!! Loved it when you all did the Halloween event too! Thank you so much for making my time at Manacube fun and exciting. Very grateful to the whole team for providing fun stuff for us poorer folks. Loving it here <3
    It's a horrible feeling being attacked by another player whilst doing the /task. Why is pvp tied in with the /task ?!?!? I don't mind getting attacked by monsters; they're monsters! But other players......cry...sigh.... literally!!
    Man just said what ive been tryna say for weeks
    Met an old friend from another server on here. What a wonderful surprised @PiggyBankz/piggobanks to see you here and chat about the ol' days!!! And to know you're doing well!! Also got /condense YAY!!! thanks to the generous player @Hosar for the sweet /trade. Loving my time on Manacube! boogie woogie!!!
    Just realized there's a friend list on Survival and now I have one friend! Thanx dear ^_^ And elites can make guilds. There's party and there's guild. There's party quests, tasks and ancient token stuff, last peep standin, bosses [i love this! co-op killing the evils] and least favourite manapond (bleh puke). And the rewards, some cute pets, tho mine get despawned server lag. Just so many things to do ヽ(•‿•)ノ
    Out of the blue, fanasey dropped 50Mil into me pockets, wowza!! so kind and generous!! another lovely surprised this wonderful morning ^_^ lovely players at Manacube; Thank you!!
    Another lovely surprise, got an EC book for lava walking thing from jcody_parker today <3. 100K xp for one, if you're lucky on the first try... Lava, even in the game is scary for me. Bless your soul for the kindness you've shown!!
    I can connect again, yay!! me likey being on Manacube. Thanks for letting me in again ^_^
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