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    Finished Spleef Tournament - May 2020

    I need this tag. Ill see everyone there!
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    JANUARY 2020

    Cant wait for next month!
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    Hows your day

    My day is amazing. After a successful trading day yesterday, i'm still riding the high lol
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    My Minecraft Birthday Party!

    Ill bring the cake!
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    Olympus Ascension Rewards Idea

    I like where your head is at. Getting a key for every ascension would be overkill. Last season I accumlated almost 200 ascensions in a span of just a couple months. What could happen is every 25-50 ascensions the player would be rewarded an ancient key for their work. Even then I don't see...
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    Ban the Person Above | 300,000 Views

    Banned for having your forums picture as Doge. Edit: of course you changed your pfp lol
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    Breakfast Question

    Waffles, you can make them with a crunch and they contain the syrup alot better!
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    Count to 50 Before Staff Post...

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    Favourite staff?

    xDacon for sure, prove me wrong. He's extremely active and always willing to listen to what the community is wanting.
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    im so proud of you

    im so proud of you
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    This is so much better!
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    If I was to post any YouTube videos would anyone be interested?

    If I was to post any YouTube videos would anyone be interested?
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    olympus is the definition of weird

    So many things go on here! Being in voice calls are even better
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    Count to 50 Before Staff Post...

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    ignore option for shouts

    I disagree with this. For a $200 rank I think people should be able to /shout and have the entire server listen to what they are saying. Any spams made in shouts should be handled with staff.