1. Baylittlebeam

    Bug fix request

    recently most of the players I have asked in the Towny Earth server have said that they can't buy anything from the player shops i am also having this problem (when I click on the sign it doesn't register that I bought the item) please fix this bug when you get the chance -Baylittlebeam
  2. ErthanOW

    i just found a bugged map

    The hard map "Dire Dire Docks" has a bugged step, there's a part which you have to race a minecart, but the minecart is stuck in the middle of the rail so u can't get through an iron door.
  3. FreezeFlame

    Manaray Anticheat Banning In KitPVP For No Reason

    It seems like the Anticheat bot in KitPVP is a little buggy. I've been banned twice because of this bug where you bump into a block with another above you in the hub and instantly get banned for 14 days. Here is a clip of me getting banned from the bug:
  4. Legendmsa

    lost inventory

    I went into buildmode to build the cactus farm, when I remove the buildmode all my inventory that I had before disappears altogether
  5. bluebear99

    Broken Jump on Wendigo

    There is an inside section in Wendigo where you are supposed to blip, but the blip lags you back no matter what.
  6. mrbeaterpros

    Repair Mcmmo

    im asking why Iron/Stone/Gold tools etc. when i repair them with an iron block it says "insufficient permissions" can you fix it? it would help alot tysm:)
  7. MossCharger

    right click is not working

    For some reason whenever i try and right click on checkpoint signs or my compass in my inventory it doesn't work but when i right click on npcs to go places it does help but it works on other servers
  8. velocety

    Banned for hacking, but actually not

    Today I attempted to beat some parkours at manacube's server. In every parkour map, there are signs that work as checkpoints. On the map I was currently in, I had 1 jump left before I reached a checkpoint. I missed the jump, but fortunately, I managed to right-click the checkpoint. However, that...
  9. Quassi

    My loot crates seemingly disappeared?

    So I was doing a Champ map and it said I had 8 loot crates, when I went back to the hub to use them I only had 2. I thought fair enough maybe it just glitched out and said I had 4. Then later I was doing another Champ map and it said I had 4 loot crates, went back and I had none. I think...
  10. bluejay83

    Bow glitch

    Hey, So every time I log into Manacube, it auto-downloads the resource pack. However, there is a glitch with the bows that every bow (and some custom swords) appear as the black and pinkish box. I've tried relogging and this problem has been happening for over a week now. What do I do to fix...
  11. Cleanerhook54

    Sell Wand won't sell ghast tears

    We went to use a sell wand to sell a double chest full of ghast tears and it wouldn't sell
  12. Yahooie

    Bought a trail and says i dont have permission to use it

    I bought the lava trail recently but when i go to /trail to equip it its says i dont have permission to use it? Here is the picture of me purchasing the trail
  13. ChokunPlayZ

    is anyone have same problem as me

    I was mining cobblestone but the server move me to the hub (not a daily reboot) and the server do this many time last season I played nothing like this happend I don't know why and I died in spawn and my stuff are gone when I died in my island my stuff still in my inventory (now my stuff is...
  14. lourasc

    is upgrade bug

    I am trying to get the ore generation level 4 island upgrade but it won't activate. I have all the requirements; the money, the mana, and I am rank 7. It just says I can't afford this upgrade when I click it. I tried relogging, bu it still won't work. Please help me fix this somehow :(
  15. CawY_

    Soul balance probleme

    Im selling some head to kilton , but my Soul balance dont update ..... :/
  16. mendor3

    Trials doesnt work

    Hi, so i have every rebirth i need to zeus except Ares that mean i need to complete one trial but i cant log into trials. I tried changing versions to 1.12,,1.12.2,1.13,1.14.4 and i tried to go to both skyblock servers but there it doesnt work either. What can i do to make trials playeble for...
  17. Qubs

    Disappearing melons

    So sometimes the melons just randomly disappear, you have to right-click a block next to them to make them appear again. Relogging sometimes helps, other times they disappear while touching or clicking them right after relog.
  18. Qubs

    Parkour practice world visuals outdated

    So in the welcoming message on the parkour practice world, there are gems stated instead of mana. I know gems were a thing back in the day, but I would love to see that changed to mana, so as not to cause confusion.
  19. Qubs

    /Gary on different servers

    I've got a big one. So /Gary, at least for me is kinda linked on different servers. What I mean by that is when I get my rewards on one server I can't claim it on others because they are already claimed, even on servers I never played on. From what I figured out the connected servers are...
  20. Qubs

    Easy course mana visual bug

    So it's not a big thing, but as you can see below it says you get 29 mana per course. I got 30 and I think that is the correct reward for mvp+