1. xHexie

    What one do u play on laptop, desktop or other

    What one do u play on I play on laptop asus tuf 15 Lmk If you want u can send specs pictures etc
  2. M a i s y

    <3 xMais Intro <3

    Figured I would give this a go as I've met some awesome people here, what's a few more?! Hihi! My name is Maisy! I am 20 years old and live in the North East of England. I am mainly on Skyblock realm these days but started on Survival in December last year! Other realms I play are Olympus...
  3. M a i s y

    TP Pads direction addition?

    I hope the title makes sense in what I'm trying say but, i hate when you place a tp pad expecting it to tp you and face you a specific way and it doesn't. Maybe if its possible one day they could add a “change direction player is facing” upon using a tp pad. Idek if this is the right place to...
  4. M a i s y

    Colour prefixes

    This is a small thing but I wonder if they could ever add the coloured prefix options (like for MVP+, Elites and P+) to forums I feel so odd without my purple Elite prefix LOL
  5. GandalfDaBlue


    Say Good Morning or GM here!
  6. NitroBuilderGTR

    What is everyone's favorite Programming Language?

    My favourite programming languages are probably, C#, JavaScript, and Node.JS What's yours'?
  7. Incompleteekoala

    Gas station Pickup

    Imagine your on a road trip somewhere and you have to stop for gas. You stop at the gas station to stretch and fill up. While inside you see all sorts of drinks and snacks. What I wanna know, is what everyone's go-to snack and drink from the gas station is. My go-to is a bag of sour gummy...
  8. Banns

    Your opinions on Season 6 Survival

    Your opinions on Season 6 Survival I just finished reading through the notes for the season 6 reset, and i think it has some fantastic features, i think they are really trying to push more towards people going into parties rather then solo partying considering a big majority of the updates have...
  9. Auslosung

    Getting banned for using mcleaks where 10s of thousands of people have access to an account based on a suspicion is laughable.

    Hello everybody, on MC you may know me as Sweething15, but I was banned due to allegedly using 30 accounts for hacked clients. The story of how they got on my IP was I used to not have access to a real MC Account and was using MC leaks for the time being. I came back from MC for the first time...
  10. MineVast

    GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes

    Health, Armor, and Money: R1, R2, L1, X (A), LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP // HESOYAM Infinite Ammo: L1, R1, SQUARE(X), R1, LEFT, R2, R1, LEFT, SQUARE (X), DOWN, L1, L1 // FULLCLIP (Almost) Infinite Health: Down, X (A), Right, Left, Right, R1, Right, Down, Up, Triangle (Y) //...
  11. Digestedmonk928


    What do y’all do with your cubits? I sell mine and once I get higher in the game then I will start collecting them.