1. I__PK__I

    A New Shop System

    the shop system we have now is great, but it has some flaws. we have all these wonderful blocks to choose from but sometimes we like to stick to our roots and use the same blocks, over and over again. sometimes that specific block is on the last page of the shop and when its laggy can sometimes...
  2. Brinaa

    Solutions to mobs glitching through walls?

    We all know how it is when you're working on grinding mobs and they glitch through the wall, its super frustrating. I was wondering is anyone had found any solutions to keep the mobs from glitching through walls? As in using certain types of blocks? Using fences/walls? Any suggestions? Mobs...
  3. I__PK__I

    Changeable generator tiers

    i feel the title is enough as is but incase its not. the ability to toggle specific tiers for generators would be a game changer. or at least an option to disable nether debris. sometimes i wanna farm specific resources and it gets annoying when nether debris is in the way. or maybe have /break...
  4. Zim

    POLL: What do you like the most? Passive incentive from playtime, or grinding mindlessly for incentive?

    With one, you get to do what you want and improve at what you want, and with the other, you get to become really good at one thing: gaining points and spending hours on end grinding something. What do you like the most of these two, and why?