#help #survival #bug

  1. Akisha

    Never got crate reward

    I, Akisha, recently opened a mythical crate and supposedly won a pickaxe, but I was never actually given the item. Please help, and thanks in advance
  2. Rango

    Is Villager Despawning fixed

    I've had 5 villager spawn eggs i have brought or got through quests. They always despawn within a few days despite being named with nametags. Does anyone know if this issue has been solved yet, are there any updates on what causes it. maybe unloading chunks or chunk boundaries? Anyone have any...
  3. Nielsi

    No $ for selling logs

    Even tho its telling me I get gold for selling logs I see no difference in my money balance. Maybe its a bug. Kinda annyoing when im grinding woodcutter job. - Nielsi
  4. fnxr

    Enchantments are broken!

    It won't let me out Mending on my sword. It says too expensive and I don't even have many enchantments on it. Can someone help me???
  5. bca_

    Renamed Custom Enchantments

    I recently bought a custom enchantment on /ah but it was renamed. Because of this it does not work. Is there way to undo this, or is it permanent? If there is no way to undo it is it a bug?
  6. Lukius

    Lost rank

    Not too sure where to post this. I haven't been on ManaCube for a while (I remember back when it was still called Minevast), so I'm not sure if this is on purpose or not. My VIP+ rank does not seem to apply to all servers. I only see it on the hub and in Creative. If someone could fix this, that...
  7. squidney003

    password lock help

    i tried to unclaim homes and it said i had to punch in a password lock even though my party and i never set one. Theres two of us. now i cant unclaim three homes i have set that i dont want and its very frustrating. i need help.