1. sophiaaah <3

    More inclusivity

    Manacube is a server that accesses many people all around the world. Although most of those players play from the United States, it's still unfair that there isn't more inclusivity on holidays celebrated in the United States on Manacube. Even though 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas, a large...
  2. User_Killer

    CoinFlip God title Request + Giveaway for christmas EVENT

    [COIN FLIP] TITLE REQUEST @Dacon GET THIS 500 reply's AND ILL DO ANOTHER GIVEAWAY of maybe an elite rank or 70 cubits 90% for cubits 10% elite rank PLEASE ADD YOUR IGN and discord in this format Ign: example Discord: example Mine is [Lucifer]#0666
  3. Toshhi

    What are you doing for the holidays?

    Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone's doing anything particularly interesting, or even, uninteresting this month <33 Feel free to share cuties!
  4. ceooofsex

    Your Easter traditions?

    So as someone who hasn't celebrated Easter before, it makes me wonder sometimes what it's like. I'm curious about everyone's traditions or habits. Do you guys celebrate it in any certain way? Is there anything specific you do? Let me know <3 Also !! What's your favorite holiday?
  5. Wizful

    Happy Final-olidays!

    Dear my fellow stressed out students, I join you in your misery. As for me, and the people in California, we are celebrating the great week of stress, also known as finals week. For those of us who are a bit younger, and do not know what finals entail.. good. Run while you still can. Just...