1. Pete3e

    Crouch scan for LPS

    Similar to trials, you can crouch to see the outlines of mobs and the new LPS map has a lot of people hiding in each corner so it would be a fun addition to crouch scan for players.
  2. BakjesBami

    Gotta love the lps events

    The lps events are one of the best ways to get keys/money if you dont think so leave a message
  3. Nikkobee

    LPS Suggestion

    HI all! I had a small suggestion regarding LPS, nothing to do with the actual gameplay but for the join message. I am not sure if this is an issue in other realms but in Olympus you have to join LPS from spawn. This can confuse many newer players that have never joined LPS before and they then...
  4. quinncia


    I think we should do a huge update for lps. This would give a new aspect across all realms and make Manacube for fun. I am not a expert coder so if these are hard to implement it is ok. I am just throwing ideas around. Feel free to give your own ideas too! Here are some things that should be...
  5. SkyDieGame

    Earth problems & fixing

    This is a list of wishes from the players at Earth, this is not only my wishes, but from the community! Fix Quests: The daily Quests is often impossible due to server settings, like getting killed by an angry pigling when they are not aggressive on the realm. Town Quests have quests like...
  6. Brinaa

    Teaming fix in LPS

    On Skyblock we have an issue with 3 people always teaming on lps, aka not killing each other purposfully till the very end. 95% of skyblock players complain about this daily, and nothing is being done because there's just "not enough evidence" I believe we should make lps anonymous, everyone in...
  7. Tjotoo

    LPS revamp

    I think most people would agree with me on the fact that the current LPS is not in the best state it could be. Border not shrinking, teamers (or 3rd-parties?) etc. The LPS minigame is in a terrible state in my opinion because of the following reasons that I have experienced (I'm sure that some...