1. yaster_day

    Summer Festival jellyfish

    back with another needle felting project! this time its the jellyfish
  2. yaster_day

    Summer Festival crab

    I needle felted the crab from the skyblock summer festival! pic 1 pic 2
  3. Jake.

    Summer Pass Progression

    Hi so I was inspired to post this because of a /shout I made suggesting that every 1000 shells earned should give a small amount of pass xp, and it instantly got around 7 or 8 +1 replies which is pretty rare. So summer festival has been out a few days now and whilst its really good I think the...
  4. aviv10bm10


    I tihnk the SUMMER GRIND SWORD needs to be vault access item cuz its like legendary and it will add value to the item and will appear in the next season and every1 likes the sword <3 sooo if you can put it as a vault access item it wil lbe awesom