3BloeckeFeldweg - QA Team Application [Skyblock]


Apr 23, 2023
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Discord username

What is the main realm you play on

When did you start playing on ManaCube and what does your activity look like?
I first started playing because of a friend. But i definitely stayed for the grind and people. Having a nice community to chat with while grinding all the challenges and prestiges does a lot for me and I am happy to be part of it!

Why do you want to join the QA team?
I really enjoy playing on manacube and since joining i played wayyy more minecraft than i did before. I also like a lot of the features, events and mechanics on this server and would love to give something back to the team by testing all of it and helping to improve things.

Do you have any experience with game testing/quality assurance?
I started reviewing games on Steam a few years ago because I was bored and it turned out to be really fun for me. So I kept going and reviewed many games by now.

What qualities or skills do you have that would contribute positively to the QA team?
By interacting with the players and server itself for over a year now i think i got a good understanding of what both the players and the server are looking for in new events.
Ive been playing Minecraft actively since 2012 and experienced a lot of changes made to the game.
A few years later i got into minecraft speed running, so i know what it means to push this game to its limits.
I spend a lot of my free time on Manacube so I could report bugs, help players etc. fairly quick and help to increase the well-being of the players.

Overall I think I could contribute a lot to developing new features for the future and help to improve manacube to get the best out of it!

Would you be interested in writing Wiki articles? Yes

Account activity
My account has 100+ hours played and is older than 1 month

Account agreement
I own a Microsoft minecraft account that is not shared with anyone

Security agreement I have a 2FA protected Discord & Google account


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May 26, 2021
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Im gonna have to give this application a +1! I feel that 3B would be a great addition to the qa team given their knowledge of minecraft and its mechanics.