4th Place - Summer Contest Entry

Aug 3, 2016
Thought I'd share with you guys my 4th place entry that I got from the summer contest last week.

Looking for some constructive criticism to better myself but maybe some nice comments might be nice too :p


If you want to look at it in more detail then go to "/plot visit NickLeBas125 2" people with ideas are always welcome to come show me what I could have improved etc. :)

A little bit about the build:
- Started : 8/1
- Finished : 8/5
- Got graded : C+
- Event place : 4th (score 17.75)

Not really based off anything apart from what I would think a dream summer vacation might be like :) Small island with single house (of course it has wifi ;) ) and giant palm tree with small ferns next to it and pretty flowery ground. Rickety path down to the beach where you can look at the coral reef below.

Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoy and have a good day!
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