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Jun 17, 2021
June 17, 2021
Hello, This Is MyLittlePony2014 And I Am Permanently Banned From This Server For Evading Mute Spamming/Marry Command And Abusing Helpop. I Was Banned By Faudon On September 17, 2020 At 21:11. It Has Been Exactly 8 Months And I Am So Bored And Just Wanna Play On My Favorite Server. I Have No Friends And I Always Looked Forward To Playing On This Server Because I Just Stay In My House All Day And Look At The Wall And I Have Been For 8 Months Straight. I Regret My Big Mistake And I Think About It Every Night Before I Go To Sleep. Please Unban Me And Unmute Me I Am SO Sorry. I Matured A Lot From This Day. I Got Diagnosed
With Covid-19 Last Week And All I Have Been Thinking About Is Manacube I Miss MY Friends Please Unban Me.

- Sincerely, ManaCube #1 Fan.
Not open for further replies.