Bhop competition!

Jan 23, 2017
So, recently i have been making a Bhop map off've CounterStrike:GlobalOffensive and i am going to be starting a competition so, basically the first person to finish would be the winner. Below i will have a Bhop tutorial.

What is bunny hopping?
Bunny hopping (or commonly shortened to bhopping) is a term used in video games to describe an advanced movement technique in which a player jumps repeatedly, with the addition of strafing using the directional keys and strafe-jumping, in order to become a harder target to hit or (in some games) move faster than normal ...

I am starting the competion EST 18:10 (U.K time)

If you would like to enter then respond to this thread with your IGN and email me in game to DragoPlayz321

I hope i see you guys there!

PS: Do /warp bhopcomp!