Coming back... Again?


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Jul 14, 2014
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Well, this is unusual... I honestly didn't think I'd be making this... Maybe I'm addicted... Oh, who am I kidding, I love you guys! Let me show you what happened:

(I'm blocking names because I would like to keep my Skype private).

All this in my head.. Just killed me. Every night, all I could hear was purples worlds calling. I would fall asleep, dreaming that all the progress I made on MineVast was being destroyed.

I can't handle anymore. I need you guys. You're all like family. Honestly, I love you.
The words I was given kept playing through my mind over and over, like a broken record.
But there was another side to this: The real reason I left

I left because I didn't have a reason to leave. Doesn't make sense now, but it did before.
After realizing my real reason to leaving, the guilt became twenty times worse.
The real reason is
I needed my family
After the chargeback thing, my entire family got banned for being associated with the ban.
They kept complaining while I played on MineVast, but I dealt with it.
A week later, without even thinking about why, I left.
But I come back, why? Because who cares! You guys are my family, and if my real family stays banned, so what!? I'll live a social family with you guys. You guys mean the world to me, I'd literally die for you.

I'm coming back. I love you all more then anything. I can't leave you. I'm gonna end this before I run out of tears. I'm literally crying so much right now. I didn't realize how much you guys mean to me, I need you in my life; don't leave me.
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Jul 15, 2014
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I'm glad that you aren't leaving, and minevast has managed to have a COMMUNITY in its minigame servers, unlike the other ones. You were a bond that kept it together- without you it would be much weaker. Once again, glad to have you back!!! :D