Cross Progression (Bedrock-Java)


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Mar 9, 2021
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The title says it all - cross progression between bedrock and java. The player should be able to use /link or whatever to link to another account. To make sure this command is used as intended, if a bedrock user uses the command on a bedrock user (2 ways of verifying i) pulling the opposite player's client information or ii) checking if their name starts with a *) the command should return an error, same with java players.

Linking progression across these 2 platforms is complicated, however here is a quick solution for it.

Player 1 logs in
- Server checks if Player 2's name exists within the player count, and if so, kicks player 2 (you connected from a different device)

Player 2 logs in
- Same

When a player logs off, it should create a snapshot of their location, items and other information like rank and cosmetics.
This information can later be used when logging as a different player.

Player logs in
- Snapshot is pulled from the database and is loaded.

To prevent loading and saving issues, I suggest adding a delay between login attempts. For example:

Player Logs in
Player Logs out
- Player is pushed into a timeout array that is reset after x amount of time.

Player tries to Log in
- Player is prompted with the duration remaining to the timeout (x time - ( - date of latest login) / 1000)

This is the basic idea behind it, but I am certain the Manacube devs could do something bigger with this.