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Apr 2, 2021
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Beta Information:
Release Day: Sunday, May 28th @ 1:00PM EDT
Available To: Everyone
Duration: 1-2 Months (See leaderboard section for beta period rewards)
A lot of love has been put into this revamp, and while there may initially be many bugs and balancing issues.. we hope we can shape this game with the community into something really fun and new that revives the original essence of Factions.​
We're going to use Discord Forums for discussion and feedback during the beta, and also to run polls.​

Vast Worlds
You can claim land for your faction in the Overworld (75 x 75k) & Nether (25k x 25k)​
The End is 10k x 10k and resets weekly. All worlds are naturally generated.​
We plan to double these world sizes after the beta period.​

New Mechanics
The meta is completely different on 1.19, with so many new features such as Elytras, End Crystals, Increased world height, Trap blocks, Totems, Netherite, Enchantments, Potions, Shulkers, etc. the list goes on. We decided to embrace the latest version fully, so combat mechanics will also be 1.19​
Being on latest version also allows us to promote the server to new players and bedrock users in the near future​
Mana is earned in many different ways, such as farming, mob kills, mining, online time, outposts & more. You can type /mana for more details. This mana can be spent on perks and items in the /manashop, as well as Faction & Bunker upgrades​

Limited Lives
Everyone starts with 3 lives. If you run out of lives you will be dead for 12 hours. When dead you can only access spawn & your bunker.​
After 12 hours you will respawn with another 3 lives. You can also purchase extra lives in exchange for Mana at spawn. A player can have a maximum of 20 lives at a time.​

Killing a player in PVP (outside of server events/duels) will steal one of their lives to increase your own.​

Raid Mobs
TNT cannons are still permitted, however since we're not running a 1.8 cannon jar, large scale cannons like seen on 1.8 factions won't perform well. Raid Mobs can be purchased with Mana, and spawned anywhere. When placed they will go in the direction you're facing, breaking down any walls in it's path.​

  • Each Raid Mob has their own speed, maximum distance and health
  • Raid Mobs can be killed, but they do have a lot of health
  • Raid Mobs destroy blocks in a 3x3 grid
  • If walking over a void gap, raid mobs will bridge with temporary blocks that despawn when the raid mob despawns
  • A player can only have 3 raid mobs spawned by them at the same time
  • Health Bars are displayed on your screen of all your active raid mobs
  • Raid Mobs do not break containers/spawners/item frames/armor stands, instead they will just walk through them. This is because players can already open/destroy these themselves.
  • Raid mobs can only go horizontal, so trying to raid a base from above will not work
Health: 25​
Block Distance: 3x3x3​
Speed: Instant​
Iron Golem​
Health: 250​
Block Distance: 3x3x8​
Speed: Slow​
Health: 500​
Block Distance: 3x3x15​
Speed: Slow​
Health: 750​
Block Distance: 3x3x20​
Speed: Fast​
Spike Barricade [Mana Shop]
These barricades deal 250 hearts of damage against Raid Mobs, but are broken when used. They also deal small damage to enemy players that walk over them. They do not break from players walking over them, only raid mobs.​
10 barricades can be placed in each chunk (This amount will likely change during the beta)​

Reinforced Obsidian [Mana Shop]
This obsidian is reinforced to withstand damage from a raid mob for 10x longer! (Specifics likely to change during beta)​
This gives factions a lot more time to respond to defend a raid.​

Every faction can set an 8 hour period when their shield is active. Shields protect factions from being attacked with raid mobs & tnt.​
When a shield time is first set, it takes 24 hours before it actually begins to activate. This 24 hour period also applies when changing shield time.​
Busy for a couple days? Factions can spend Mana to activate a 24 hour shield! However, when a shield is active, members of the faction cannot use tnt/raid mobs to raid another base during that time.​

Simplifying systems so that they are easier to learn was a big focus for this update. Hopefully the new Keystone and Faction menus achieve this, and for those who prefer commands, they are all still available to use.​
Factions can have up to 25 members. Each member allows a faction to claim an extra 20 chunks (Likely to change).​
Alliances between factions can also be created, and permissions given to allied players.​

Discord Raid Alerts
If you have your Discord account synced, you will be notified by a Discord Bot when your faction is being raided! It detects TNT/Raid mobs being used in your claimed land. This can be turned off by clicking the raid alerts button in the main faction menu.​

Bunkers are a personal, private base that can be purchased for $1,000,000. They are small, impenetrable bases that can be upgraded with Mana.​
You cannot build in bunkers, but you can unlock new rooms, item upgrades and chests.​
Bunkers start with 2 double chests, and another 2 double chests can be unlocked.​
Armor Stands around the bunker can also be used​
Spawner Room
Unlock this room to farm different spawner types in peace. The spawner types available are Blaze, Enderman, Creepers.​
The room contains 1 spawner, in a grinder setup with a hopper and chest. This is intended mainly for PVP supplies, hence the spawner types available.​
Forge Room
Unlock this room for a wall of furnaces & blast furnaces. A utility section can also be unlocked for a Smithing table, Grindstone and Anvil.​
Magic Room
Unlock this room for a maxed out enchantment table setup. Brewing stands can also be unlocked inside this room.​
Bunker Board
You can place signs, item frames, heads & banners on this board.​
Trophy Room
Go up the ladder to visit your trophy room, displaying all of the trophies you have won!​
Every bunker comes with an Allay, and every hour this Allay will be holding a Totem or Golden Apple that can be claimed!​
There is no commands or menus for Bunkers. Just simply type /bunker to teleport, and interact with the holograms to purchase unlocks!​

PVP Tournaments are a new type of daily event. Speak to the tournament master at spawn, or type /tournament
You will be able to form a team inside the GUI menu. Teams can be a size of 2-4, and can only be faction members or faction allies. Up to 12 teams can enter the tournament.​
Every team will be matched up in a tournament area, in a standard tournament bracket.​
Teams enter the tournament with their own gear and inventory setup. If your team loses a duel, they are eliminated (items safe). The winning team will receive a pvp supplies crate, and wait in the arena for their next opponent.​
Everyone can also spectate the tournament arenas from above.​
The Grand Finals take place in a special arena, and the winning team receives 4 Tournament Crates and Event Score, to compete for the Totem Trophy.​

The Warzone is a dangerous but rewarding place. It's one of the quickest ways to earn Mana, Money, Souls & obtain special items. It is packed with custom monsters that drop valuable loot and exclusive items. PVP is enabled here, so make sure to bring some support or defensive items if you want to grind.​

Loot Log
See all of the loot you've collected from the warzone monsters with /loot​

Mana Outpost
This outpost is located in the Warzone, and activates multiple times per day. When active, stand within the inside zone to automatically increase your Mana every 5 seconds. The amount of mana you receive is based on how many people are within the zone; more people = less mana per person​
The outpost has a maximum amount of mana that can be given out (7500, likely to change).​
Additionally, the top 5 players with the most zone time will earn Event Score! Event score is for one of the leaderboard trophies, see below.​

Leaderboard & Trophies
Factions will no longer be using an /f top system. Instead there is multiple weekly leaderboards that people can compete on. The top 5 players of these leaderboards will win a type of trophy. Trophies are displayed in chat, bunkers, and there is a total trophies leaderboard.​
Golden Trophy: Most Money Made​
Mushroom Trophy: Most Crops Harvested​
Slayer Trophy: Most Mob Kills​
Totem Trophy: Most Event Score​
Skull Trophy: Most Player Kills​
There are more leaderboards such as monsters, outpost, souls, tasks, fishing etc. to compete on, but these do not give trophies. (Planning on these to still give some kind of reward though)​

The server is designed to have much longer seasons than the original server. We're not quite sure how long seasons should be, but probably 4-6 months. We will decide this during the beta period.​
Players with the most trophies at the end of the season will become Season Legends, and be rewarded with a large cubit payout and some cosmetic unlocks. The amount of cubits will be decided after the beta period.​
Beta Legends
The top 10 players with the most trophies during the beta period will be rewarded with cubits and exclusive cosmetics!​

  • Task Board (Complete Adventure & Slayer Tasks)
  • New Player Tutorial
  • Dynamic Sell Economy (based on sell volume)
  • New Enchantments (As seen on other other mana servers)
  • Spawners can now be crafted at the forge
  • Huey Fishing Update
  • Most SVA items updated to use the resource pack models
  • Crates Revamped


Jul 4, 2014
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i is confused, so r the worlds ( nether, end and overworld ) reset every week meaning we have to make new bases every week as the world ”resets every week”, or am I reading this wrong since I’m dumb
Only the End world resets weekly, and land can't be claimed there either

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Cool update! Look forward to see everyone in Factions!