Fall Damage / Implement Tracking Compasses

Jul 24, 2016
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Fall Damage

I believe fall damage should be on because it makes the game harder. I don't believe people should be able to tower high above another person and effortlessly jump down on the player and receive no fall damage. This may only be an inconvenience for the jump boost factors, but other than that I think and strongly suggest that fall damage should be turned on.

Implement Tracking Compasses

Sometimes when it's just me and another player, it becomes difficult to find them, especially on the bigger maps, where they could be on one of the islands while I'm at the center. It becomes a hassle trying to figure out exactly where the person is. I think tracking compasses should be added to chests or given to you at the start of the game to make this less of a hassle.

Thanks for listening! What do you suggest? Agree or Disagree?