GaniW - QA Team Application [Survival]


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Feb 9, 2022
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Your Minecraft Username

Discord username

What is the main realm you play on

When did you start playing on ManaCube and what does your activity look like?
I started playing manacube about 2 years and pushing 3 years, and first look at manacube it was fun but then i found /warp pvp, i got very intrested in the pvp and made me play manacube for the next 2 years and experience has been very good! but it has been going down lately and you can see all these players/friends quiting manacube pvp and switching to either kitpvp or to other server also quitting minecraft, ive myself quit for months and I dont have the same feeling as i had last season and after they made pit ''safe''

Why do you want to join the QA team?
I want to join the QA team so i can inform you sooo many things that us in the pvp community on survival and on other things, theres casually comming more and more pvpers to manacube and to keep the player basis and too keep it good and to maby change it to make it better.

Do you have any experience with game testing/quality assurance?
Yes ive tested a lot of games and I got very good experience in minecraft.

What qualities or skills do you have that would contribute positively to the QA team?
I am very good at working on things and when i first start to work i cant quit without making it good, ive got a very good experience with manacube and the community and know it very good.

Would you be interested in writing Wiki articles? (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

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My account has 100+ hours played and is older than 1 month

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I own a Microsoft minecraft account that is not shared with anyone

Security agreement I have a 2FA protected Discord & Google account

Staffing agreement Yes