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Jul 28, 2022
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Playful cloud sharp 8 axe no special abilities
Inverted spear of heaven sharp 7 sword and when used can deny a players attack effects once every 20 seconds so like if u hold it hit someone using medusa and u get stunned then it will be denied cos your holding the inverted spear of heaven
Sukuna's finger an item like the gummy worm where its infinite use but has a time between uses it will give strength 3 for 20 seconds and regeneration 2 for 5 seconds time between uses 2 minutes
Infinity a bareier that stops a player from being hurt at all for 20 seconds and gives any enemy players within 5 blocks of the player slowness 2 time between uses 5 minutes
Mahoraga's adaptation it's a chest plate that looks like a wheel on the players back protection 8 and has a 10% chance to 'adapt' to an attack when hit when adapted the player won't take damage from the type of weapon for 10 seconds used for example if adapted to a bo peep then the bo peep won't do damage for 10 seconds but other weapons will do damage cool down on adapt is 30 seconds
Bagman's bag hat when used is protection 7 and unbreakable allows the player to summon up to 5 clones at once with a 1 minute cool down
Gojo's blind fold just a head gear cosmetic of gojo's blindfold
Kento nanami's blade (couldn't find its name sorry) it will work a bit like his cursed technique as he uses the weapon with his technique mostly so its sharp 7 strength 2 and has a 5% chance to hit a 'weakpoint' which is basically just an extra critical hit that also inflicts bleed
THE BOOGIE WOOGIE an it that when used allows u to trade spots with a player by looking at them and right clicking
Blood manipulation piercing blood a blaster that shoots blood at opponents
Possible 40 crate reward could be an item that works like the 10 shadows technique where u can summon 1 of the shikigami in the 10 shadows technique while in a fight but can only summon them once completed special tasks to summon them like how megumi has to subjugate them
Toji fushiguro's shikigami as a back cosmetic
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Panda pet... name says it all really...
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