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Jul 7, 2021
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ManaCube Quality Assurance Team
ManaCube has a QA team consisting of active and knowledgeable players on every realm to help the server improve identifying issues and suggestions to assure player satisfaction. They will get the opportunity to give input on new server features before anyone else, be part of BETA testing, and more.

What are the responsibilities of a QA member?
Below is a description of the QA role and what to expect from it.
  • Assist the staff team in identifying bugs and exploits by making sure that players know to report bugs to staff members.
  • Test bug fixes for the staff team to make sure they are effective.
  • Opportunity to get involved with testing new features and BETA releases.
  • Suggest new server features to benefit player experience as well as giving constructive feedback on suggested ones.
  • The QA team ensures that staff are kept up to date on player concerns.
  • They are active in-game and on the discord to help identify ways to improve player experience.
How to apply for the role?
Applications are currently open! QA applications are public and reviewed by QA leaders (often a Mod+). Once you are accepted, you will be invited to the QA Discord involving admins and QA leaders. There is no minimum word requirement. Quality over quantity.

Requirements and values we look for in a QA member:
  • We are looking for members who are familiar with the server they play on. You must have played on the gamemode you apply for, for over 1 months to be eligible for the position.
  • You must have an unshared, full-access Minecraft account
  • You cannot be staff for another server
  • Looking for players who are willing to spend some of their time testing server features and bugs (when requested).
  • We are looking for open-minded players who can give constructive feedback. We greatly value your opinion, so don't be afraid to speak up! :)
  • Having a microphone for communication is not required, but makes things easier when there are QA meetings.
  • Expected to follow server rules and do not have an extensive history or current permanent punishment that could complicate communications.

    Everything that happens in the QA Discord is confidential and cannot be shared to players unless permission has been given from admins or owners. If you are found to have leaked, you will be banned from the network.

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