manacuber tutorial

May 21, 2020
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hello my name is conver and i'm making this post to teach you all how to become an epico manacuber. i consider myself and my team the best manacubers there is so i feel fairly confident i can make a good tutorial.
i will start by saying some things you should do to get better at pvp.

1. practice

2. practice

3. practice

that's it my fellow manacubers, the easiest way to become better is to just practice a lot! if you still suck then you're doing something wrong.

now for how to do an epico kite:

1. bring a lot of pearls

2. pearl up into the jungle trees, CHANNEL YOUR INNER MONKEY

3. once at the top, start bowing everybody else off and /spawn

4. then make sure to say LOL in chat to underline the fact that you are a clown

epico tutorial complete!
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