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Jun 26, 2021
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ManaQuiz Event
Hosted on the /event server!

To be announced​

No sign up necessary! Just come on down to the /event server on 1.16.5 shortly before the event is scheduled to begin

Join the /event server on 1.16.5 shortly before the event begins and then do /warp event to get to the event location. After the rules and description are broadcast, you'll be teleported down into the quiz arena. Make sure you don't go into the answer zones until you know the answer because you can't get back out once you've gone in! The questions will be broadcast as well as the answers, which will all be represented by the letters A-D. You need to make your way to the correct answer zone as quickly as possible, otherwise you could be eliminated. Once all the players are in answer zones, the answer will be revealed. If you were correct, you'll be teleported back into the ring. If you were wrong, you'll be teleported into the Death Pit. The last standing players win the round as well as the prize so good luck!
DEATH PIT: If you end up in the death pit, you have to depend on luck to avoid elimination. Select a colour (other than white) by standing on it. Suddenly all but 1 random colour will disappear, causing players to fall into the void. If you fall, you'll be eliminated from the event. If you guessed the colour correctly and didn't fall you'll be given another life and teleported back into the ring with the other players

- You must answer each question
- You may only win a maximum of one round per week
- You must keep to all standard ManaCube rules and behave
- Discussing or telling other players the answer is not allowed
- The use of any glitch or exploit could result in disqualification and / or punishment
- Staff reserve the right to disqualify players for past or current behaviour / punishments

The winners will receive the [SmartAss] tag on a single server of their choice

1 - ImprovedAim, qMika, postmanpat, TeamJacob, TheFixter124, Doobix, TheSnad, Coool10, LxstUnknown, CertifiedTopG, ElbonIII, Studio_C, pandabud104, Fusionerr, gracee04, caseyclosed, AtePlant
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