Olympus Rebirths: Explained


Jun 11, 2019
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As you know if you've played Olympus, the goal is to complete a set of challenges to rebirth. From there you work on ascending to the highest number you can possibly achieve by earning money any way you can. The catch is that each ascension becomes increasingly more expensive. I'm here to explain the rebirth system in as much detail as I can so that if you have any questions, or are new to Olympus, you can have a decent understanding.

I apologize if this post becomes lengthy for you if there is a certain piece of information you are trying to find then you can skip to that section.

To rebirth in the first place, you have to become a Titan. Titan is the highest rank that you can achieve and costs a whopping $88.79 million dollars to get to when starting from Slave. Once you have done your time in the mines and achieved Titan rank then you are ready to Rebirth!

Below are a list of all the ranks that you go through in Olympus.

PEASANT - $75,000
FARMER - $150,000
BUTCHER - $350,000
BLACKSMITH - $500,000
HUNTER - $700,000
MERCHANT - $915,000
SCRIBE - $1,000,000
ARTIST - $1,100,000
HOPLITE - $1,200,000
WARRIOR - $1,600,000
SPARTAN - $2,000,000
LORD - $3,000,000
ARCHON - $3,900,000
KING - $5,300,000
HERO - $7,600,000
LEGEND - $11,000,000
DEMI-GOD - $13,400,000
GOD - $15,000,000
TITAN - $20,000,000
REBIRTH - $25,000,000

Each rebirth has a specific challenge as stated above until you get to a certain level. The in-game command to pull up all the rebirth options is /rebirth.
This is the screen that you will see whenever you type that in.

Along with the challenges, each rebirth costs $25 million and sometimes, some inventory space. I'm going to go into detail each rebirth to explain what the challenges are and some tricks to know before you start.

This rebirth can be simple if you know what you are doing but you have to beat the Ancient Trials. This was very difficult for me as a new player because I had no sense of strategy or any other method that would help me to beat the Trials. My advice to you once you achieve Warrior rank and start the trials is to choose the tank class and save up for the OP sword that they sell. Once I did this I beat the trials on my first attempt and all attempts after that.

A few of these challenges are a grind to get you to explore the other aspects of the game. Once you, or another player, get a good grinder set up, all you need to do is grind out 10,000 kills. I thought this would take a while but you can train Slayer while you're at it and time flies.

Crafting arrows should come easy if you've killed at least a few chickens beforehand. The other material that isn't as easy as buying it in the store is the flint. You have to buy gravel and break it. Getting a decent shovel with fortune on it will make this process quick and painless. The Grappling Hook reward is a pole that pulls your enemies closer to you in PVP.

Getting 50 hugs can be a task at some points but most players will hug4hug. This means that if you hug them first they'll hug back. Don't waste your time asking in chat, just hug players that you see being active. More than likely they'll give one back and you'll have 50 in no time. Hugs are also global so if you've played on another server and have gotten hugs there then you don't need to worry.

Sacrificing golden apples may seem appalling when you know how hard it is to get Gapples. Lucky for you this rebirth accepts both enchanted golden apples and plain golden apples. You might have to grow your own apples and smelt your own gold but it's easier and cheaper than getting 50 enchanted gapples.


This is the rebirth that all seasoned players will recommend doing first. It unlocks kingdoms which are minions that give you daily mana and daily experience. Once purchased you can claim these rewards every day to boost your mana and exp income.

This is another one of the grinding rebirths. You have to catch 150 fish which is just time that you have to dedicate to rebirthing.

This rebirth requires some farming to be done. You can either set up your own farm or more than likely, use another players farm. Mining 5000 melons can take some time so just be patient and break up this rebirth into a few farming sessions.

This is another straightforward rebirth. Once you meet the prior requirement of cash and rank, all you need to do is kill 50 players. I am not the best at PVP so once you've mined a lot and have some mana to spare, my suggestion is to pay someone to let you kill them 50 times. I did that my first go around and there were enough people willing to let me kill them. If you want you can always PVP for it as well. This gives you access to the SLAYER title.

This is a simple rebirth but it is in no way easy. This rebirth will most likely take you the longest unless you purposely grind this at the start. Mining all the way to level 75 takes 1.2 million mining experience. Make sure you mine throughout all your rebirths and you shouldn't be bad shape once you get to this one. This also allows you to now purchase the TRENCH enchantment for 800k mana.

This is another very simple rebirth. Voting can get you here easily as well as mob grinding. You save your levels and once you reach a certain point then you can rebirth with the usual $25 mil. This also allows you to keep exp on death.

This rebirth is very simple. You have to save you cash and get $75 million instead of the usual $25 mil. Once you do this you then have quick access to the volcano with /Hades and this allows you to sell magma quickly and right outside of the PVP area.

These are all the challenges that you complete before you are able to attempt the Zeus rebirth. This rebirth entails finishing all of the achievements for the entire Olympus server. This is the longest and requires the most grinding to accomplish. I also recommend breaking this into sessions of achievement hunting.

This is the best rebirth because, after this, there are no challenges to do before each ascension. You can play at your own free will and do whatever you want to earn money. Shearing sheep, riding a boat and riding in a minecart, all take a lot longer than you would expect, so work on those early. Some of the achievements you'll earn just by playing but keep an eye out on the ones you have to work for and don't procrastinate.

Just remember that Rebirthing and Ascending are the names of the game when it comes to playing on Olympus.

Overall Olympus is very dynamic and there isn't any order that you have to go in. Obviously, some are easier than others but I like I said above, I wouldn't recommend procrastinating. If you have any questions or other information you would like to see added let me know.