Olympus Season 6

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Mar 10, 2022
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Sep 4, 2022

Olympus Season 6 is officially releasing on March 10th, at 3:00PM EST!

See below for all the new changes this season, and remember to vault your items!​

A portal to Gaia has erupted in Spawn, requiring at least 12 rebirths to enter.​
Inside Gaia there are new challenges, biomes, monsters & items to discover​
Gaia Spawn Showcase
Adamant Mines
Adamant is the rarest and toughest ore in Olympus, taking at least 6 seconds to mine. You will receive 1 fragment per block mined, combining 9 of these will create an Ingot. Ingots can be exchanged at the Adamant Shop for various rewards and items.​
The sources of adamant currently are from fallen stars, some monster drops in Gaia, the tangled maze, task shop, and the adamant mine in Gaia spawn which replenishes slowly and has a per-player daily limit.​
Adamant Shop
Models for the items are WIP
The items available on release in the Adamant Shop are:​
Adamant Armor (Protection 7, Unbreakable, Blast Prot 4, Fire Prot 4, Proj Prot 4)​
Helmet: Shift + Right Click to remove negative effects (3m cooldown)​
Chestplate: +2 Heart Health Boost​
Leggings: +2 Heart Health Boost​
Boots: Speed 6 in Gaia world​
Adamant Pickaxe (Efficiency 60, Fortune 20, Unbreakable)​
+ Gaia Aura Effect​
Adamant Sword (Sharpness 5, Unbreakable, Smite 6, Looting 3, Knockback 2, Bane 6)​
+ 35% Bonus Damage to Gaia Monsters​
+ Gaia Attack Particles​
Adamant Scythe (Unlimited Use 4x4 harvester hoe with +10% sell multiplier)​
Dragonfruit Bombs, Spawner Cores, Spawner Fragments
Gaia Pond
There is now a second Mana Pond inside Gaias spawn that will be running on the same schedule. This pond has buffed rewards, making it more worthwhile for more advanced players, and also freeing up space for newer players in the main pond.​
Tangled Maze
This 100x100 maze is alive and will reform it’s shape every day. Players can complete the maze for adamant ingots as a reward! The reward has a 24 hour cooldown​
Task Board & Shop
At Gaia spawn you will find a Task board, like seen on Survival. There will always be 2 tasks for you to do, 1 being adventure related and the other slaying related. You can complete as many tasks as you can with no cooldown. If you don’t like your current assigned tasks, you can skip them using task points or cubits. They will also refresh every 24 hours.​
Completing tasks will reward you with a Task Crate and Task Points. Task Points can be spent in the shop to unlock new items like the Biome Locator & Soul Amulet, A TaskMaster title, Spawner Cores & Fragments, Souls, and Cubits!​
The World of Gaia
Unique Terrain & Biomes
Discover over 70 new biomes and monsters in this 5000x5000 world, which will reset with all new terrain every 2nd Saturday!​
Mana Monsters Biome Locations
The Biome Locator item can be purchased from the Task Shop.​
There are over 60 new biome types on top of the existing 50 vanilla ones. All of them are categorized into the following for monster spawning:​
Field Biomes
Mana Wolf, Armored Rhino, Mana Golem
Forest Biomes
Mana Wolf, Gorilla
Jungle Biomes
Gorilla, Tiger, Viper
Snowy Biomes
Moose, Krynka, Yeti
Swamp Biomes
Mutated Mole, Mana Slime, Necromancer
Desert Biomes
Boxaroo, Mummy, Viper, Scorpion
Mountain Biomes
Mana Slime, Mana Golem, Yeti
Mushroom Lands
Magic Mooshroom, Mana Wizard

Fallen Stars
Every hour there is a 50% chance for a star to fall somewhere in Gaia. The impact site has magma, netherrite and adamant! The coordinates will be announced in chat, and there is also an NPC that shows where the current star is, and how much adamant is remaining​

All 4 layers of Hades have been merged into 1 large world, surrounded by lava instead of void. Items here will float in lava instead of burning up.​
Improved Mob Mechanics
Hades Monsters have been improved with better hit boxes, animations, knock back, reach, sounds, and speed/damage.​
Mini Boss Poll
In each section of hades there is a beacon shrine, which currently has Magma Merchants. We’re wanting to turn these areas into Mini Boss spawn points, and would appreciate some feedback about this.​
Idea 1
After x amount of monster kills by everyone in that area, a mini boss of either a jumbo version of that monster type will spawn, or the vanilla guardian monster.​
Idea 2
Mini Boss spawns on a schedule​
Idea 3
After x amount of monster kills by only you, a mini boss will spawn that only targets you, and you can only damage it​

  • Server updated to 1.19
  • Mines are now 2x deeper in size
  • Nuking & God Gift X-ray patched
  • 1.8 PVP Mechanics
  • Mining Level Progress Bar (only in mines world)

  • New Mining XP requirements for ascensions
  • Fortune Cap increased to 30
  • Player Vault now have an in-gui page navigator
  • Spawn PvP Arena is now safe loot (Volcano is unsafe)
  • Mystic Armor is now upgradeable, with different requirements like adamant mines, GOTGs, Pond Catches etc.
  • Dragonfruits now auto sell if inventory is full
  • + Lots of bug fixes & minor improvements

Rebirth Rewards Updated
Many of the original rebirth rewards were pretty lame compared to the newer items added since. Below are the new and improved items:​
ManaSweeper Updates

  • Gift of the God blocks added to sweeper mine
  • Increased money & mana rewards by 25%
  • Reward title changed to
  • Lamb pet changed to a little miner
  • New join message: “<Name> is here to sweep away the competition!”
  • Enchantment tables & Gilded Blackstone are now sellable

Every 90 minutes there is a 50% chance for a Blessing event by one of the Olympian Gods. These passive events last for 15 minutes, and are the following:​

  • Hephaestus Blessing: Double Mining XP
  • Hermes Blessing: 25% Sell Multiplier
  • Artemis Blessing: Double Mob head Drops
  • Heras Blessing: Double Mana earned from mining

Plots are now using the new slime world tech currently on KitPvP for player arenas. This means your plot is now in your own private world! This improves performance on your plot, allows for border size expansions, increased privacy, and also reduces storage space on our servers by over 90%​
You can now also set specific biomes & weather on your plots​
/plot weather & /plot biome​
Build Mode
Build Mode from Skyblock has been added. This allows you to enter creative mode when building on your plot. Any block you place will cost you it’s price in /shop​

Spawner Changes
Spawner prices & mob loot have been updated for a more balanced eco.​
Spawners are now separated into 4 tiers. Tier 1-3 + Ancient Tier. These tiers are for separating loot into categories for our new dynamic economy that is based on sell volume (Explained below)​
Spawner Repairing has also returned. After 50,000 mob spawns a spawner will break and require 1-4 fragments to repair based on it’s tier. This to nerf permanent afk farms and increase demand for spawner fragments.​
Dynamic Loot Prices
The sell prices of mob loot is now dynamic based on sell volume. This means if a certain loot drop of a tier is being sold less than the other item types of that tier, it will increase in price. Vice versa​
This can be seen already on Earths economy, however on Olympus we have removed the “Guard rails” for this, so that items can now go much higher or lower than their original base price.​
Player Shop Directory
There is a new menu in /shop that lets you list all active Chest Shops on everyones plots, organized on item type categories, prices & amount available.​
Huey Shop Update
Huey has added a few new items to his shop:​
Shell Pin, Huey Hat, Fishy Title, Fish Bundle, & the Mythical Fishing Set (Double XP from fishing & chance to catch heads while fishing)​

This update does not affect the pickaxe mana upgrade system. These are EXP enchantments for other items​

40 new enchantments are added in this update​
EXP costs have also been reduced - See picture above​

The enchantment codex is the best way to view all information about every enchantment. You can navigate between enchantment types at the top, and the books are sorted by rarity.​
Books are color coded based on their rarity (Common Green, Rare Blue, Red Legendary)​

Enchantment cooldown timers are now shown above your hotbar while in combat! This let's you know exactly when an ability activates, and how long it is on cooldown for.​
All items (besides pickaxes) now have 5 open enchantment slots by default (Vanilla enchants are not a part of this)​
You can upgrade your item to hold up to 10 enchantments by applying enchantment scrolls to them.​
These scrolls can be obtained from Monster drops, Kilton, Tasks, Cubit Shop, The Forge & from other players.​
Enchantment slots are only shown on an item once a custom enchantment is added to it.​
Enchantments now have a shatter rate %, along with a success rate when applying.​
If the item shatters, all custom enchantments on the item will be disabled (not removed), and the item has to be repaired at the forge.​
Once the item is repaired, the shattered status is removed and all custom enchantments are re-enabled!​

The top 3 players in the following categories for season 5 will be rewarded with Season Legend stars and added to the ManaCube Museum!​

  • Rebirths
  • Plot Level
  • Mining Level
  • Hades Kills
  • Richest Players
A new legends category for next season will be Gaia Tasks completed.​
Results will be locked in Thursday at 9:00PM EST, and announced shortly after​
Yesss, finally!!!!